Mad Cave is Accepting Comic Book Artists Submissions

Why is Mad Cave Accepting Comic Book Artists Submissions?

Yes, it’s true Mad Cave Studios is accepting comic book artists submissions and the reason why is because we value skills that take dedication, hard work, and unquestionable talent. That’s especially true when it comes to comic book art. We understand the difficulties of trying to break into the comics industry as an artist. Putting in hours of work just to put it on social media to grow your following, going to conventions just to show people your portfolio, and even messaging editors directly to get your work in the right hands.

That’s why Mad Cave Studios is trying to make the process simpler by uniting writers and artists to work on 4 unannounced project from inside the cave. Mad Cave Studios’ goals with this talent search are to nurture growth within the industry we love and to give a chance to aspiring artists so we can ensure the future of comics books as a medium.

What does Mad Cave look for in a comic book artist?
Comic books are, at their core, a visual medium and Mad Cave is built on the foundation of making the most beautiful comics in the game. A comic book artist is as much a storyteller as the writer, someone who can control pace and control the emotion in a scene with just a look from a character. The perfect candidate has to show us that they are completely comfortable with the medium while displaying dynamic inks, stunning color, and great visual worldbuilding.

Where Do I Sign Up?
By now you might be saying to yourself; “Finally! The opportunity I’ve been waiting for! A publisher is accepting comic book artists submissions” While you are correct, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, you can’t just send any old submission our way. The Mad Cave Studios Talent Search has some guidelines you need to follow in order for Mad Cave Studios and it’s editorial team to review your submission. Below is a brief overview of the contest details, as well as a link to the talent search landing page where you can find all of the submission guideline details.

Mad Cave Studios Talent Search 2018 Overview
– Contest will run from July 14, 2018 through September 14, 2018.
– Each writer or artist may send one submission for both of Mad Cave’s current titles (Battlecats and Midnight Task Force).
– The winners will be announced at New York Comic Con 2018 on Saturday October 5th. Winners will be notified beforehand.
– Visit our Mad Cave Talent Search Page for complete writer and artist submission guidelines.

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