Alejandro Giraldo: Wolvenheart Artist Spotlight

Mad Cave Lead Artist Discusses His New Gothic Time-Travel Story

This month we are putting the spotlight on one of Mad Cave’s talented Lead Artists, Alejandro Giraldo. His new series, Wolvenheart, brings elements of some of his favorite genres together like time-travel and horror. Join Chris Sanchez as he sits down to learn more about the man beneath the top hat.

Chris Sanchez: Hey, Alejandro, glad to have you on our Creator Spotlight. Wolvenheart, your second book with Mad Cave, is coming soon! How has the process changed from your first book, Midnight Task Force?

Alejandro Giraldo: Hello, thank you very much, Chris. So the process has changed a lot and, although I still handle all of the art, the style is totally different, I went from semi-realism to a more traditional style. I had been developing this style for a long time and Wolvenheart gave me the freedom to implement it.

New series Wolvenheart
New Series Wolvenheart

CS: Where did you go for influence while working on Wolvenheart?

AG: I am a big fan of video games like Bloodborne and Castlevania, they were a big inspiration during this process. Also, anime and manga like Vampire Hunter D was a great reference point. All of those influences show in the visual style of Wolvenheart.

CS: Being a time travel book you got to stretch your skills and design famous historical periods of the world. Are there any that stand out to you?

AG: Much of the comic takes place in the Victorian era and I think that, for a story about vampires and monsters, there really is no better setting. The Gothic structures are perfect for these types of stories.

Alejandro Giraldo wolvenheart spotlight

CS: Has the relationship between you and writer, Mark London, changed since your work together on Midnight?

AG: Over time, teamwork improves a lot. Having now been working together for several years, there is much better understanding between us. This made Wolvenheart’s development a very fluid process.

CS: What’s a weird fact about yourself that you care to share with the Cave Dwellers?

AG: I am a person who loves to draw monsters, but I also I love K-pop! I guess you have to balance things out. Hahaha.

CS: Anything coming up in The Cave that you’re especially excited for?

AG: I love the visual and narrative style of Show’s End. I can’t wait to read the whole story and immerse myself in that world.


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