Battlecats #4: How Kings and Heroes Forever Made a Difference

Join Natharien in Battlecats #4 as he shares the story of Valderia with an aspiring young feline.

Hello once again, Cave Dwellers, and happy new comics day from the team at Mad Cave! This week we bring you a new Battlecats story that breathes life into Valderia and shows you how a nation is shaped by those who are willing to mold it.

After the cliffhanger ending from last months issue, Mark London (Writer) breaks away from the Battlecats action to reveal a tale passed down to all the young felines; the tale of Valderia’s inception. Battlecats #4 will take you on a quest through the ages and guide you along the pivotal moments in Valderia’s history. Witness critical events like the birth of a nation, the rise of the felines, the reign of the Eramad’s, and the creation of the bravest warrior’s in Valderia; the Battlecats. The gorgeously detailed art does an amazing job at giving life to the diverse cultures and regions of Valderia. This issue is truly world-building on the grandest scale!

Make to sure to visit your #LCS and learn more about Valderia in Battlecats #4!

Publication Date: May 23, 2018
Diamond Code: MAR181769
Rated: Teen+

The elderly Natharien leads a young cub towards his destiny: becoming the most legendary Battlecat in history. Yet, in order to protect the future, one must understand the past. Experience Valderia––a world shaped by a rich history and diverse culture


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