Battlecats Volume 2 Series Colorist: Tekino

Bringing emotion to the world of Valderia
With the announcement of the new Battlecats arc, we thought it would be the perfect time to catch up with the creative team and see what it’s like working on Mad Cave’s flagship title. Today we chat it up with Tekino, fresh off of finishing up another Mad Cave title, Honor and Curse. Chris Fernandez: After working for so long on Honor and Curse, how does it feel to switch gears and work on a new title? Tekino: Haha, yes, I’ve been working on Honor and Curse for a long time. As much as I love that project, it feels refreshing to work on a new series with it’s own unique personality.

The challenge doesn’t come from just working on a new book, rather the challenge is in each new page, each scene.



CF: Has Battlecats been a challenge for you? T: Working on Battlecats is very fun! The challenge doesn’t come from just working on a new book, rather the challenge is in each new page, each scene. I guess you could say Battlecats challenges me every day. CF: What is it like jumping on to a title that already had an established art style? T: Seeing as many things are already established, my workload is definitely lightened in terms of setting and characters. However, there are some small details I would like to handle differently. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, depending how you look at it, that can not be done.
CF: What are you looking forward to most about working on the series? T: What I enjoy most when it comes to painting is to be able to use a wide range of colors. Thankfully, Battlecats takes place in a world with diverse settings and characters, this allows me to paint characters with purple skin and red hair under a green sky without anyone looking at me like I’m crazy. CF: What are you watching, reading, or playing right now? T: I’m currently watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The story is full of intrigue and betrayal, I just hope that my favorite characters do not die!


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