BIRD, GO! Mad Cave’s GATCHAMAN #1 gets a second printing!

Mad Cave Studios’ sets a new record with GATCHAMAN #1 as its bestselling launch of all time, and goes to Second Printing featuring an all-new cover

More GATCHAMAN #1 by Popular Demand! GATCHAMAN #1, with its initial print run amounting to over 30,000 copies, has earned a prominent place in Mad Cave Studios history as our biggest launch issue of all time!

With distributor inventory swiftly depleting and copies flying off store shelves, Mad Cave is responding to the high demand with the Gatchaman #1 Second Printing, timed for release perfectly with the upcoming August 7th street date for Gatchaman #2.

Gatchaman #1 is the first release of the ongoing Teen comic book series, a masterful collaboration between writer Cullen Bunn (A Legacy of Violence, Deadpool) and artist Chris Batista (Justice League), colored by Carlos Lopez and lettered by Buddy Beaudoin.

Writer: Cullen Bunn – Artist: Chris Batista
Colorist: Carlos Lopez – Letterer: Buddy Beaudoin
Cover Artist: Chris Batista
Diamond Code: MAY247299
Lunar Code: 0524MA890

Synopsis: A mechanical terror has descended upon numerous cities and the world’s greatest scientists are disappearing. Our only hope: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman! As they battle these machinations from the international terrorist organization known as Galactor, their strength, willpower, and even vehicles are pushed to the absolute limit. If they fail…who’s waiting in the wings to take their place?

The Second Printing features a sensational new cover by series artist Chris Batista, and will include a QR code that links to a digital copy of Gatchaman #0, the promotional Free Comic Book Day issue that provides awesome easy-entry points into Mad Cave’s entire Gatchaman line.

“I’m so happy to learn that retailers and readers have connected with Gatchaman! I knew the brand had a following, but I never would have imagined just how many people wanted a story about awesome science ninjas,” said Cullen Bunn. “Chris and I are cooking up something really special, something that will appeal to longtime fans and new fans, young and old alike! And, as even more fans discover this world, we’re going to be unleashing bigger and more wild stories!”

“It truly is thrilling to hear that our Gatchaman launch is off to a great start and I’m glad to see my love for the iconic franchise is shared by so many,” said Chris Batista. “We have such a big story to tell here, and I get giddy whenever I read the latest script from Cullen. That enthusiasm is translated on every page of Gatchaman, and I’ve seen that same enthusiasm from the rest of the team on the spinoff miniseries and one-shots. I can’t wait to read those titles myself! The best is yet to come!” said Chris Batista.

“‘Bird, go!’… to a second printing!” said Mad Cave Studios Senior Editor, Chas! Pangburn. “Tatsunoko Productions’ iconic Science Ninja Team first graced television sets back in 1972 and has firmly rooted itself as an all-time classic anime series. It’s an honor to continue this legacy by expanding this world with new heroes, villains, and even mechas. Cullen Bunn and Chris Batista—both superfans themselves—have assembled an exciting tale that’s the perfect jumping-on point for existing fans and those new to the franchise. The fight against Galactor rages on!”

Mad Cave Studios, in their partnership with Tatsunoko Production, bring the explosive action of the Science Ninja Team to comics with not only the Gatchaman ongoing series, but also new library of spinoff one-shots and miniseries as well. Fans are encouraged to seek out the one-shot comic, Gatchaman—Ken: Deathmatch by Tommy Lee Edwards and Mindy Lee, in stores now, and look for the four-issue Gatchaman: Galactor miniseries by Steve Orlando and Kath Lobo to begin in August.

Longtime fans and curious newcomers, don’t miss out on the Gatchaman #1 Second Printing and Gatchaman #2 on August 7th!


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