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World Class is Now In Stores!

Go for the goal! We are excited to announce that World Class, our third Maverick title, is now available at your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, comic shop, Amazon, and more!

Life’s a pitch for teen football star, Adrian “Colombian Cannon” Molina. With his powerful shot, Adrian looks like a shoo-in for the European junior league. When a Regents United elite prep school scout offers him a full scholarship, the news seems too good to be true. Adrian’s been offered his biggest shot yet, but with his rival Titan Evans in the way, can he rise to the challenge? Follow Adrian as he navigates soccer, girls, and the daily struggles of high school!

From visionary writer and podcaster Jay Sandlin (Over the Ropes), illustrator Patrick Mulholland (Power Rangers), and superstar colorist Rebecca Nalty (GLOW) comes a football story, that blends the energy and heart of Shonen manga with a story about finding the right people in your life to not only make you a better player, but a better person.

Writer: Jay Sandlin – Artist: Patrick Mulholland – Colors: Rebecca Nalty – Letterer: Justin Birch

Synopsis: Football is a religion where Adrian “The Colombian Cannon” Molina comes from and with his wicked right leg, he has a clear shot to the promised land of the European Junior Leagues.
But when a football scout offers him a full scholarship to an elite prep school in London, the news seems too good to be true. His enrollment hits a snag upon meeting the team’s star striker, Titan Evans. Titan is everything Adrian is not; rich, powerful, connected, and with a hunger to dominate the school as well as the pitch. The constant fighting, teasing, and bullying, brings about crippling anxiety of losing his spot on the team. That’s until Luciano DeSilva takes him under his wing, and gives Adrian the confidence to be himself and value his position on the team.

Meet the creators of World Class!

“Over the course of 200+ script pages, I loved hanging out and getting to know Adrian Molina. Like a teenage Ted Lasso, our star, known as the Colombian Cannon, is catapulted from small town life into the high-stakes competition of European football. What happens when you’re the small fish in a huge, often-terrifying, new pond? If he can overcome his anxieties, Adrian could take home the most prestigious cup in the world and earn a spot on the team of his dreams…if he can survive high school first.”

Writer, Jay Sandlin
Instagram: @jaysandlin_ | Twitter: @JaySandlin_

“Working on World Class was a great experience for me. I evolved as an artist, as I had never worked on such a big project. In a way, I empathized with Adrian, who found himself out of his comfort zone. I wanted the reader to feel like they were on the pitch with him. To have all those moments of action and tension, and I think we managed to do that all the way to the end. I’m grateful to have had a great team to work along side to bring World Class to life.”

– Artist, Patrick Mulholland 
Instagram: @pat_m_art | Twitter: @pat_m_art

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