Mad Cave Studios Talent Search 2018

Mad Cave Studios would like to announce its first ever Mad Cave Comics Talent Search. We are looking for four artists and four writers to work on four original and unannounced comic book projects from the minds inside the Mad Cave. Just like all of our other titles, these unannounced projects will vary greatly between themes, genres, and styles. Each of the potential winners will be chosen for a specific comic book project and will be paid on “per page” basis and employment will considered “work for hire” as long as the title is in production.

How to Break Into Comics

One of the most common questions asked in the comic book industry is “How do I break in to comics?” Well, unfortunately, it’s something that takes time, effort, connections, and little bit of luck. And the latter is where we come in. We feel your pain, which means we also feel strongly about giving back to the comic book industry and providing an opportunity for aspiring creators to break in to comics. Learn what it is like to work for an independent publisher like Mad Cave Studios.

Where Do I Sign Up?

By now you might be saying to yourself; “Finally! The opportunity I’ve been waiting for!” While you are correct, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, you can’t just send any old submission our way. The Mad Cave Studios Talent Search has some guidelines you need to follow in order for Mad Cave Studios and it’s editorial team to review your submission. Below is a brief overview of the contest details, as well as a link to the talent search landing page where you can find all of the submission guideline details.

Mad Cave Comics Talent Search 2018 Overview

– Contest will run from July 14, 2018 through September 14, 2018.
– Each writer or artist may send one submission for both of Mad Cave’s current titles (Battlecats and Midnight Task Force).
– The winners will be announced at New York Comic Con 2018 on Saturday October 5th. Winners will be notified beforehand.
– Visit our Mad Cave Talent Search Page for complete writer and artist submission guidelines.

Mad Cave Comics Talent Search- The Best Independent Comics


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