First Look – Good Game, Well Played

A real friend is one who walks in, when the rest of the world walks out. The release of our newest title, Good Game, Well Played, is less than a month away, and we’ve got your first look into our newest young adult graphic novel!

Good Game, Well Played follows Sienna and her friends, who reunite years after trying to have the summer of a lifetime. Writer Rachael Smith (The Rabbit), artist Katherine Lobo (Bullet), and Ringo-nominated letterer Justin Birch have teamed up to bring you this heartwarming tale of friendship, loss, and learning to accept change.

Writer: Rachael Smith – Artist: Katherine Lobo – Letterer: Justin Birch – Editor: Chris Sanchez

Synopsis: It’s 2009, and Sienna is really not looking forward to flying back into her hometown to say goodbye to one of the people she called family. Though that feels like a lifetime ago. It’s 1999, and Sienna is looking forward to what is shaping up to be the Perfect Summer in her Perfect Life. She has a job working in the local video game store, Game Champ, with her four best friends, and that was how it was going to be forever…

Check out the official trailer for Good Game, Well Played below!

Meet the creators!

Rachael Smith (She/Her) – Writer
Rachael Smith is a comics creator whose works include Wired Up Wrong, Stand In Your Power, The Rabbit, and Artificial Flowers. Rachael also worked on the Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor comic series as well as released a comics series about the pandemic under the hashtag #QuarantineComix. You can find more about Rachael Smith at

“I started out writing Good Game, Well Played as a book about a video game store in the 90s…but it became so much more than that. It’s a book about friendship, about not fitting in, about being scared of change, about overcoming adversity, and about making horrendous mistakes. When I finished it I was proud of how real the characters felt…then I saw Katherine’s art and my jaw hit the floor. They felt so real I thought they were going to walk out of the panel and start talking to me. Trust me when I tell you, Katherine has made this book something really special.”
Instagram: flimsy_kitten | Twitter: @rachael_

Rachael Smith was recently featured on an episode of the Part-Time Fanboy podcast to chat about comics, Good Game, Well Played, and her creative process! You can listen to the episode here!

Katherine Lobo (She/Her) – Artist/Colorist
“Good Game, Well Played is a very refreshing and fun book. Working on this book has been a very special experience for me. I grew a lot as an artist through it, and it made me reflect on my own attitudes. Each character tells us their story in such a natural way that it’s difficult not to identify with them. Personally, each kid seems to portray a part of my adolescence. I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy this book as much as I did.”

Katherine Lobo is a comic artist and illustrator from Costa Rica. She’s worked for a variety of indie creators and publishers including Mad Cave Studios, Boom! and Comic Experience. More recently, she was the artist for Bullet, currently published in Tapas.
Instagram: @kath_lobo | Twitter: @KathLobo

Curious about the day-to-day at Game Champ? We’ve got your first look below!
We’re counting down to the release of Good Game, Well Played by introducing you to the Game Champ squad! Make sure to follow us on our socials to keep up with the latest updates on Good Game, Well Played!

Good Game, Well Played will be released on April 20, 2022 in comic shops and May 3, 2022 in bookstores. Be sure to mark your calendars! The graphic novel can be purchased at, Comixology, Drive-thru comics, and your local comic book shop or book store.

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