Honor and Curse Series Artist: Nicolás Salamanca Creator Spotlight

This month Mad Cave is going to be putting the spotlight on the artists behind the upcoming supernatural, shinobi comic; Honor and Curse. Today we’re going to be focusing on Nicolás Salamanca and getting to know the man responsible for the beautiful linework seen in Honor and Curse.

Chris Fernandez: So, what are your influences?

Nicolás Salamanca: Since I was very young, I have always loved manga and anime and those influences are reflected in my art. Eastern culture and artists such as Akira Torikama, Takehiko Inoue, Yusuke Murata and Takeshi Obata have influenced my way of seeing the world and drawing comics.

CF: Can you tell me a little about your process?

NS: Well, this is the first time I work with a scriptwriter, previously I had written my own stories for things like contests or independent magazines. Now I have to take into account the writer’s vision and translate it to the art. But, I think like most artists, it all starts in my imagination as I read the script. From that I begin to picture the way that characters look, move, and interact with the world around them. Next, I take pencil and paper and begin my first draft. Once all of the details have been decided upon, we get to the digital part. I use Manga Studio Ex4 software and a Cintiq 13hd to draw the comics. From there, I make a new sketch, this time more detailed to present to my editor. Once approved, I start the inking process. After the inking is finished, I export the files and send them to Tekino so he can perform his coloring magic.

CF: What is your favorite thing about comics and why are they so important to you?

NS: Unlike a lot of other products, you don’t need a ton of money to access comics. It’s a medium that has and will endure. Also, the thought of someone, anyone, in the world picking up my comic and having them be transported to a world that I helped build really excites me.

CF: And finally, tell me something about your life outside of comics? Family? Pets? Other interests?

NS: Like most artists, I started drawing as a kid, so even when I’m not working, I take my time to draw things for myself. Of course I enjoy spending time with my family, they’re very funny people and I never get bored of them, especially not my two dogs, Coco and Wanpo, who we rescued earlier this year. My go to plan for relaxing is some good company, a cold beer, and some barbequed chicken wings!

Honor and Curse will be available to order at your local comic book shop in December and will be in stores February 2019. Click here for more info on Honor and Curse.

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