Honor and Curse Series Colorist: Tekino Creator Spotlight

This month Mad Cave is going to be putting the spotlight on the artists behind the upcoming supernatural, shinobi comic; Honor and Curse. Today we’re going to be focusing on Tekino and getting to know the man responsible for the eye-popping colors seen in Honor and Curse.

Chris Fernandez: So, what are your influences?

Tekino: I have many, but if I had to choose, I would say I have two big influences. The first is the artist Artgerm, I’ve spent hours watching his livestreams, trying to learn everything I could from him. The other influence would be all of the Japanese animation I’ve watched since… since as long as I can remember.

CF: Can you tell me a little about your process?

T: First I define the lighting, things like the time of day, if they are in a closed room or outdoors, if there is an artificial light source etc… Then I flute and finally I paint the characters and the backgrounds.

CF: What is your favorite thing about comics and why are they so important to you?

T: For me, I really enjoy when you turn the page and are greeted by a full page splash that makes your head explode. But I think comics are important because they give creators the opportunity to show others anything in their wildest imaginations with no restrictions. Movies and animation, for example, are very complicated, budgets are huge, shelf life is short etc. etc.

CF: And finally, tell me something about your life outside of comics? Family? Pets? Other interests?

T: I like cold beer, watching Manchester United in the mornings, and of course, fighting games!

Honor and Curse will be available to order at your local comic book shop in December and will be in stores February 2019. Click here for more info on Honor and Curse.



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