Sit down with Spanish illustrator Stelladia as we discuss what the Lower Your Sights project means to them, their contribution to the anthology, and their thoughts on the unifying power of art.

Q: What does this project mean to you?
Stelladia: This project has been a great opportunity to help in some way through the use of the main skills I have. I’ve also loved illustrating Justin’s script, a powerful piece that will connect with the readers through a universal feeling.

Q: What is your contribution to Lower Your Sights? (Short Story, Pinup, Etc.)
Stelladia: I’ve done the line art and coloring for the story “At Your Doorstep”, with words by Justin Richards and lettering by Justin Birch

Q: In addition to supplying food and essential supplies, Voices of Children also provides art therapy to help kids cope and overcome the stress, anxiety, and trauma of living in war conditions. Do you believe art has the power to heal?
Stelladia: I’m sure of it! Art is a form of expression of the self, it requires us to translate our experience from the world to our own subjective language, which is inherently powerful because it allows us to feel that our subjective experience is worth exploring and sharing. Especially in the context of trauma, people often see their safe space and sense of self jeopardized. Art is a tool to heal, to be seen and heard, and to escape, a safe way to approach a world that has turned painful. I’ve coordinated art workshops in the past for people struggling with mental health and I have seen the sense of accomplishment and pride a person can feel after creating something.

About Stelladia

Stelladia is a Spanish comic artist and colorist with a background in visual development for animation. They enjoy working on fantasy, sci-fi, and children’s tales (with a bit of spookiness in them). They also design their own brand of merchandise. Some relevant works include the comic series Potions Inc. (Mad Cave), Submerged (Vault Comics), Metaphorical Her (Webtoon) and the animation short film “Johanne” (Dragonbee). When they are not making comics, you can probably find them doing crafts, home gardening, or studying philosophy and anthropology.

Twitter: @Stella_di_A | Instagram: @amy_stelladia

Stelladia’s illustrations will be featured in the short story, At Your Doorstep, from our upcoming Ukrainian benefit anthology, Lower Your Sights. You can check out more of Stelladia’s work here!

Mad Cave Studios and Voices Of Children are teaming up to publish Lower Your Sights, a graphic novel anthology, to raise awareness and proceeds for children impacted by war. Earnings from the book’s sales are going directly to the Voices of Children foundation.

Lower Your Sights is available for preorder (FOC on August 29th 2022), and officially in stores on September 14th, 2022. You can pre-order your very own copy of this benefit anthology here.