Sem Chyhlintsev

Sit down with Ukrainian creator Sem Chyhlintsev as we discuss what the Lower Your Sights project means to him, his contribution to the anthology, and his thoughts on the unifying power of art.

Q: What does this project mean to you?
Sem: This is a chance for me to contribute to the massive outpouring of help that’s been coming
from all over the world to my homeland. I can’t do much but donate and get the word out, so
doing something creative to raise more funds for the kids affected by war is a humbling
opportunity. It’s also a chance to tell the story of my mom, a brave, resilient woman, the kind
of person that represents Ukraine well.

Q: What is your contribution to Lower Your Sights? (Short Story, Pinup, Etc.)
Sem: A short story with art by Sofiia Lyt and lettering by Andriy Lukin.

Q: In addition to supplying food and essential supplies, Voices of Children also provides art therapy to help kids cope and overcome the stress, anxiety, and trauma of living in war conditions. Do you believe art has the power to heal?
Sem: I believe it does, though a lot of people have misconceptions about the healing process. It’s not always pretty or beautiful, such as kids drawing pictures of their family. Most times healing through art is a process of putting your trauma out there, putting your worst fears and thoughts on the page. But whatever path leads children to recovery is a worthy one.

About Sem Chyhlintsev

Sem Chyhlintsev is a queer writer from Ukraine, currently residing in Estonia. He mostly writes horror, sci-fi and comedy, though is happy to try his hand at other genres. His works are available in English and Ukrainian, both solo and in anthologies. He loves frogs and plants and is open to collaborations and copious praise.

Twitter: @sammoUA | Instagram: @willdrown

Sem’s work will be featured in the short story, Certainty, from our upcoming Ukrainian benefit anthology, Lower Your Sights. You can also check out more of Sem’s work here!

Mad Cave Studios and Voices Of Children are teaming up to publish Lower Your Sights, a graphic novel anthology, to raise awareness and proceeds for children impacted by war. Earnings from the book’s sales are going directly to the Voices of Children foundation.

Lower Your Sights is available for preorder (FOC on August 29th 2022), and officially in stores on September 14th, 2022. You can pre-order your very own copy of this benefit anthology here.