Mad Cave Studios 2018 – 2019

Wrapping Up the Madness

Thank you, 2018!

Cave Dwellers, thanks to you, this year has been the biggest year since Mad Cave Studios’ inception. We exceeded all of the goals we set up for ourselves, brought our stories to the national stage, and made lifelong partnerships. Next year we’re looking to surpass our own expectations and bring you the most exciting, genre-driven, high concept comics that have ever hit the shelves!

With that, let’s look back at what made this year so special:

Diamond Comics Distributors:

The year started off with a bang as we started our partnership with Diamond Comic Distributors to bring our comics to your local comic book shop! We want to thank everyone at Diamond for being consummate professionals and for being a wonderful pillar of this amazing community.

Mad Cave Launches Three New Comics:

In 2018 we launched three new titles that you, Cave Dwellers, have devoured. Our medieval fantasy adventure series, Battlecats, brought you the world of Valderia. The cyberpunk detective thriller, Midnight Task Force, took you inside the schizophrenic head of Aiden McCormick. Our biblical epic, Knights of the Golden Sun, showed you the war between the Archangels and the Fallen. With each title, we continue to strive for excellence and bring you the best independent comics in the game.


Mad Cave Talent Search:

This was also the first year of our Mad Cave Talent Search. We selected five writers and four artists to bring their voices into the Cave. Variety is the spice of life, and with these new additions to the Mad Cave Family, we’re sure to bring you more MADNESS than ever before!

Comic Conventions:

We also saw your passion when we went to Emerald City Comic-Con, Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, & New York Comic-Con. Sharing stories, shaking hands, and being a part of the experience is why we go to these conventions, but our favorite part is seeing every single Cave Dweller and how our stories impact our readers. You guys make it all worth it.

Mad Cave Studios 2019

Looking forward to 2019, we have mapped out how we’re going to explore new themes, bring in new talent, and share our world of madness with even more titles. Starting with the supernatural shinobi tale, Honor and Curse, we promise you we’re going to keep shocking you at every turn.

New Comics From New Creators:

You’ll also see the beginning of what our Talent Search winners are bringing to the table, and believe us when we tell you, it’s pure MADNESS! And for those of you who missed it the first time around, we will have another Talent Search next Summer. So, sharpen your pens and get ready to submit for a chance to break into the comics industry.

We can’t do this without you!:

Thank you once again, Cave Dwellers, for making all of this possible and for seeing us through the new year. Tomorrow is a new day, and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store. Stayed tuned so you don’t miss anything that comes out of the Cave!


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