Mad Cave Studios Diamond Calendar

Every year, Diamond Comics Distribution releases a calendar to show retailers what’s coming up in the world of comics. For 2019, we have joined the ranks and taken over the month of December. Not only is this a huge step for us, but it shows everyone that we’re here and we plan to do much more than just stay.

To see our titles and name next to companies that we have looked up to and modeled ourselves after is inspiring. Marvel showed us how to open up our imagination. Dark Horse showed us that comics aren’t just for superheroes. Lion Forge showed us that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. We hope to be a company that inspires others to follow their dreams and bring more creativity to the comic industry. It’s a small world and there’s no room for hate.

We’re new to Diamond Distribution and everyone involved has accepted us with open arms. They’ve treated us like professionals, we hope to match that by always being on time and delivering on our word. This is an industry that prides itself on the direct market and to help make that a possibility Diamond works day and night. We’re thankful that they have given us the opportunity to share our vision and bring our stories to new readers.

By December 2019, we plan to have many more books on the shelves that show how much talent, hard work, and creativity we’re bringing into the Cave and out to the world. This is a big step for Mad Cave, but there’s still a long way to go and we hope that you, Cave Dwellers, will be along for the MAD ride we’re on.

Thank you for making all of this possible and be on the lookout for all things Mad Cave in 2019!


2 thoughts on “Mad Cave Studios Diamond Calendar”

  1. Why can I not get Knights Of the Golden Sun from Diamond. They are showing that it is not available to order.
    I was able to get issue 1 from Midtown and I can do an advance order for #5, but nothing for issues 2-4

  2. Hey Tim,

    Sorry to hear that. Please try and see if you can get it from your local shop. We actually work with Midtown and we can do our best to see if we can provide them with additional copies. If not, you can always drop us line on social media and we’ll hook you up.

    Thanks and stay Mad,

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