Show Off Your Mad Cave Pride With help From

Mad Style. Mad Merch. Mad Fun.

You asked and we listened! Cave Dwellers are a persistent bunch and who are we to stand in their way? We are proud to present our Mad Cave online store with the help of Now you can express your Valderian pride or Cyberpunk aesthetic with a plethora of new designs from inside The Cave. Clothing is all about conveying a message to the world, a message about your individuality. That is why we included so many designs from the beginning. The Mad Cave Threadless store has what you need to show off the style that makes you a Cave Dweller!

What Kinds Of Merch Can You Find On The Mad Cave Store?

The short answer is everything! Everyone is unique and everyone lives in a different part of the world, so we made sure to include merch for people from all walks of life. On the Mad Cave Online Store you can find everything you need, from tank tops for all of the lucky tropical Cave Dwellers out there, to winter wear of all kinds for our friends in the North, and everything in between. Personalize your Mad Cave Merch with a variety of styles and colors and become part of the MADNESS.

Which Comics and Characters Can I Find Mad Merch For?

Everyone has their favorite Battlecat, don’t let them tell you otherwise, and because we know how, just like people, Valderians all have distinct style that represent their cultures, we thought it would only be right to offer a design for each Battlecat on the Mad Cave Online Store that is influenced by their regional colors. Kaleera’s green is reminiscent of the forests of Greenspyre, Kelthan’s blue represents the snow covered mountains of Stormholt, Vaela’s purple an example of the magic that flows through Arkhovia, Mekkar’s orange an embodiment of the rocky mountain region of Blackstone, and Zorien’s yellow evokes the desert sands of IL-Shavaar.

More Merch…

Don’t worry Aiden McCormick fans, we’ve got you covered. For those of you who can’t get enough of the schizophrenic detective, we have a cyberpunk inspired design to let people know that you are not to be messed with! And if you can’t decide and just want to show off your all-around Mad Cave Pride, then we have logo designs in multiple colors for you to choose from. All in all, we are really happy to be able to provide these designs for you Cave Dwellers, and feel free to let us know on social media what other designs you would like to see show up on the Mad Cave Online Store, we’re open for suggestions!


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