Maverick Announces New Graphic Novel, Tectiv!

Solving the crimes of the past in the world of the future! Maverick is pleased to announce the forthcoming post-apocalyptic graphic novel from Richard Ashley Hamilton (How To Train Your Dragon, SCOOP) and Marco Matrone, Tectiv!

When Bingo Finder’s best friend vanishes, the only literate person in a post-apocalyptic L.A. turns to her beloved, ancient books for inspiration, becoming the first detective in centuries. But to solve this mystery, Bingo must fight for her own life and uncover a conspiracy within this fragile civilization.

Author Richard Ashley Hamilton said, “TECTIV is all about finding things — finding secrets at the heart of a mystery, finding justice for someone lost in an unjust land, finding your true self in the pages of an old P.I. potboiler. So it’s only fitting that this story has found its perfect home with Maverick and Mad Cave! My deepest thanks go to Mark Irwin, Mike Marts, and Christina Harrington for reteaming me with lettersmith extraordinaire Dave Sharpe and my artistic brother, Marco Matrone. I can’t wait for readers to find our wild, wonderfully weird characters and their savagely beautiful noir world of tomorrow!”

Writer: Richard Ashley Hamilton – Artist: Marco Matrone
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Release Date: December 10th, 2024
ISBN: 9781545812440

Synopsis: Bingo Finder and every other teen in the sprawling farming village of Ellay know the tales of old days — of how their great-great-great-grandparents rebuilt what was left of society after some apocalypse or whatever. But that’s ancient history. Boring.

Nah, for Bingo’s generation, today is about staying busy — distracted, even — while tilling the reclaimed City of Industry fields or unloading barges at the seedy port of Bel Air. Or in Bingo’s case, scavenging ruins for artifacts to upcycle and trade the bartering bazaars — including Bingo’s favorite leftovers, these old things called “books.” Ever heard of ‘em?

Her favorites are the TECTIV books, the ones about men who walked rain-slicked streets at night in hats and trench coats. They searched for answers in a city called L.A., just like Bingo. It was their job. And after the mysterious disappearance of her best friend, Fenn, Bingo decides that’s what she’s gonna have to be if she wants to get answers— a new kind of TECTIV for a new world. Because everyone may believe Fenn’s disappearance was the first crime in a long time. But Bingo’s about to learn that it wasn’t. And it sure won’t be the last…

Meet the Creators!

“Writer, Richard Ashley Hamilton (He/Him)
RICHARD ASHLEY HAMILTON is a Cuban-American (no, really) writer best known for his storytelling across DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon and Guillermo Del Toro’s Tales of Arcadia franchises. He wrote on the Daytime Emmy-winning first season of Dragons: Race to the Edge and scripted the Lumiere award-winning How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World Tour VR experience.

But in his heart, Richard remains a lifelong comic book fan. He currently writes two YA graphic novel series, SCOOP and TECTIV, for Mad Cave/Maverick, and his middle-grade horror title, FEARBOOK CLUB, was named a 2022 Junior Library Guild Official Selection.

Richard lives in Glendale, CA, with his wife, their two sons, and a Husky named Lulu.

Artist, Marco Matrone (He/him)
Marco Matrone, Naples born in 1985, cartoonist illustrator. In 2016 he worked as a colorist for Ares Games’ Sword and Sorcery. In 2017 he designed Last Kaiju, written by Roberto Cirincione and published by Magic Press and collaborated as a colorist for Bonelli on Il Commissario Ricciardi and the Bastardi di Pizzofalcone. Also for Bonelli he works as a draftsman for 4HOODS by Roberto Recchioni, on Texts by Federico Rossi Endrighi. In 2018 he designed Senzombra for Bao Publishing on texts by Michele Monteleone. 2019 /20s work as storyboard artist for MAD animation, on the film “Yaya and Lennie the walking liberty” by Alessandro Rak. In 2021 he designed the graphic novel Fearbook Club written by Richard Ashley Hamilton and published by Aftershock comics.


Tectiv is now available for pre-order on the official website, and will be available at your favorite bookstore, local comic shop, and digital comic reader on December 10th, 2024!


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