Release Date: November 10, 2021
ISBN: 978-1952303265



Price: $14.99

High school student Alexa Bowman moved to Savannah, Georgia to get away from her old life. Too bad her past is a Google search away and her family’s criminal past quickly made her an outcast.

From tormenting cheerleaders to dreamy football players, Alexa can’t keep up, especially when Fae, Skye, and Chloe take her into their group of outsiders. But after a night in the woods, a power has awakened within them, a power that’s equal parts magical and terrifying. But there are no coincidences in Savannah, and once they find out how to control their powers the town is in for a rude awakening.
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"Beware of fairies. Or risk facing perilous consequences. The illustrations, enhanced by a color palette of predominantly lilac and mulberry hues in both muted and high-contrast segments, suit the mystifying, eerie vibes of the book."
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"Nightmare in Savannah summons the spirit of America's most haunted town" - Chris Arrant
Soda and Telepaths
Soda and Telepaths@SodaTelepaths
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"Nightmare in Savannah is Delightfully Devilish. I can only encourage everyone to pick it up if you like horror, romance and a hint of something super magical."

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