New in Previews – December 2023

And just like that, 2023 is coming to a close! We’re so grateful to each and every one of you for all of your support this year, and we look forward to bringing you a 2024 filled with excellent comics and graphic novels!

We’re building up to a new year of amazing new releases from your favorite creators. From the WWI horror, Hound, to Free Comic Book Day issues of the highly anticipated Dick Tracy and Gatchaman, we’re ready to kick off 2024 with a packed lineup!

We’ve got the latest look at the Mad Cave goodness coming to your favorite local comic shop soon! Check it out below!

(W) Jeremy Adams (A) Various
Cover Artist: Dan Panosian
Diamond Code: DEC230029

It’s a race against time as Flash Gordon, Dale, and Doctor Zarkov try to stop the villainous MING THE MERCILESS from using the UNRAVELLER, a device that can unwind an object to their subatomic structure in one apocalyptic burst of energy. Can Flash save Earth once again, or will Ming finally get the upper hand and change the course of the universe forever?
Exclusive Original Material

Final Order Cutoff: January 24th, 2024
Release Date: May 4th, 2024

(W) Cullen Bunn, Tommy Lee Edwards, Steve Orlando (A) Various
Cover Artist: Chris Samnee
Diamond Code: DEC230028

The triumphant return of GATCHAMAN, the iconic Japanese animated franchise of a five-member, bird-themed superhero team, known to Western audiences as BATTLE OF THE PLANETS!

This special #0 issue features an explosive, brand-new story that will kick off Mad Cave’s ongoing monthly GATCHAMAN comic book series, debuting with issue #1 in June!

Final Order Cutoff: January 24th, 2024
Release Date: May 4th, 2024

(W) Sam Romesburg & Sam Freeman (A) Rodrigo Vázquez (L) Justin Birch
Cover Artist: Rodrigo Vázquez
ISBN: 9781952303784
Diamond Code: DEC231570
Lunar Code: 1223MA368

During World War I, a young soldier is assigned to one of the most deadly areas along the western front. However, he finds the greatest threat to his life lies not with the enemy, but with a cult formed by his own men.

Found nestled and protected within a den of wolves, the journal of Private Barrow, a fresh young soldier drafted into Britain’s royal army during the height of World War I, meticulously and explicitly recounts the events that lead to his death. However, where most men are sent to the trenches, Barrow was sent to a place known only to him as the “gas quarter” — a patch along the western front known for incessant mustard gas attacks. Our story and the journal both begin with Barrow’s introduction to the unit occupying the quarter — a group referred to by the top brass as “The Hounds,” a nickname earned by the appearance of their long-snouted gas masks. Immediately, Barrow is shaken by the sight of them and is soon pulled into a hell that can only come from the savage horror of war.

SRP: $19.99
Final Order Cutoff: January 28th, 2024
Release Date: February 20th, 2024

(W) Anthony Cleveland (A) Andrea Mutti (L) Taylor Esposito
Cover Artist: Maan House
Diamond Code: DEC231572
Lunar Code: 1223MA364

Months have passed since the catastrophic fire at the homeless encampment. Most of the city has moved on while Amy continues to search for the truth about the Fire Man. Her chance arrives when multiple reports of fire around the city lead Amy and Vic to come face to face with those who tend his flame.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: February 4th, 2024
Release Date: February 28th, 2024

(W) Ryan K Lindsay (A) Sami Kivelä (C ) Lauren Affe (L) Jim Campbell
Cover Artist: Sami Kivelä
Diamond Code: DEC231574
Lunar Code: 1223MA366

Stop the presses! With Bucky in a bad position, Dan, his sub-editor, picks up the story threads as he tries to discover the true rot deep within Sheltered Cove. What the pair find is beyond politics and money. The trouble brewing is centuries old, horrific, and very thirsty for blood.
Deer Editor is perfect for fans of Blacksad and Chinatown.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: January 21st, 2024
Release Date: February 14th, 2024

(W) Amit Tishler (A) Bruno Frenda (L) Taylor Esposito
Cover Artist: Bruno Frenda
Diamond Code: DEC231575
Lunar Code: 1223MA367

As the Russian Civil War escalates, the Ukrainian landscape becomes increasingly hostile. Trapped by the enemy that ravaged their village and killed their parents, Alex and Yuli will have to use the unpredictable powers of the Golem to defend themselves despite hesitation about its true intentions.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: February 4th, 2024
Release Date: February 28th, 2024

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Andrea Mutti (L) Rus Wooton
Cover Artist: Andrea Mutti
Diamond Code: DEC231571
Lunar Code: 1223MA369

Monica’s fate is revealed after Andrew received some terrifying orders from the Killer himself. The Sheriff and Sara face-off in a fight for their lives, but the Sheriff runs into an unexpected obstacle thanks to the local villagers. And Nick gets some new information from Cayce that she found in Patel’s files.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: January 21st, 2024
Release Date: February 14th, 2024

(W) Kevin Cuffe & Bob Frantz (A) Kelly Williams (L) Chas! Pangburn
Cover Artist: Kelly Williams
Diamond Code: DEC231576
Lunar Code: 1223MA370

The buzz surrounding the Kankakee Seafood Festival isn’t good: it’s already swarming with creatures, gore, and alien goo. Carla and co. arrive with guns (and blunts) a-blazin’ only to find matters can still get much, much worse.

Skeeters is a comedic and gruesome story for fans of Slither, Arachnophobia, and other classic creature features!

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: January 28th, 2024
Release Date: February 21st, 2024

(W & A) Matt Emmons (L) Andriy Lukin
Cover Artist: Matt Emmons
ISBN: 9781952303807
Diamond Code: DEC231573
Lunar Code: 1223MA365

In the midst of the Third Crusade, an exceptionally brutal Templar Knight finds himself accidentally transported to a dangerous realm of magic and monsters.

A nameless Templar Knight from the Third Crusade finds himself magically transported to a mysterious world filled with sorcery and monsters. In order to survive, the ferocious Crusader must reevaluate his penchant for violent righteousness and make peace with both himself and this ruthless world. But will peace be enough to stop the deathless, power-hungry ghoul known only as The Pilgrim?

SRP: $17.99
Final Order Cutoff: January 21st, 2023
Release Date: February 13th, 2024

Which titles will you be adding to your pull list at your favorite local comic shop? Don’t forget to shout us out at @madcavestudios on Twitter and Instagram, or drop into our Discord to chat, and let us know!


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