New in Previews – November 2023

The time has come to cozy up by the fire with a great read! We’re building up to a new year of amazing new releases from your favorite creators. From the all-new antler noir, Deer Editor, to the thrills and chills of Skeeters, The Devil That Wears My Face, Charred Remains, and A Legacy of Violence, we’re ready to kick off 2024 with a packed lineup!

We’ve got the latest look at the Mad Cave goodness coming to your favorite local comic shop soon! Check it out below!

(W) Ryan K Linsday (A) Sami Kivela
(C ) Lauren Affe (L) Andriy Lukin
Cover Artist: Sami Kivela
Diamond Code: NOV231564
Lunar Code: 1123MA393

A John Doe slaying lures a journalist into a world of political intrigue, a wi-fi-enabled grotto, and a station locker full of secrets. For Bucky, an editor of the crime beat at “The Truth,” it’s all in a day’s work…
…but he also happens to be a deer.
Will he chase down his last story in this antler noir series? Deer Editor is perfect for fans of Blacksad and Chinatown.

Final Order Cutoff: December 11th, 2023
Release Date: January 10th, 2024

(W) Bob Frantz & Kevin Cuffe
(A) Kelly Williams (L) Chas! Pangburn
Cover Artist: Kelly Williams
Diamond Code: NOV231565
Lunar Code: 1123MA398

Carla, JJ, and Luis battle their way through more bugs, bigger bugs, weird creatures, and gallons of gore. Unfortunately for them and the rest of Kankakee, Virginia, things continue to get weirder. Nothing a shotgun, a handgun, and some blunts can’t solve, right?

Skeeters is a comedic and gruesome story for fans of Slither, Arachnophobia, and other classic creature-feature

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: December 18th, 2023
Release Date: January 24, 2024

(W) Anthony Cleveland (A) Andrea Mutti (L) Taylor Esposito
Cover Artist: Maan House
Diamond Code: NOV231566
Lunar Code: 1123MA392

Vic’s dreams of the Fire Man are becoming more and more real, but he refuses to admit to Amy what he saw in the flames. Meanwhile, Amy is searching for her friend who was nearly lost to the blaze, but there’s something Patricia Lefeu isn’t saying about Hope’s House. Secrets spread nearly as quickly as fire in this town…

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: January 8, 2024
Release Date: January 31, 2024

(W) Amit Tishler (A) Bruno Frenda
(L) Taylor Esposito
Cover Artist: Bruno Frenda
Diamond Code: NOV231570
Lunar Code: 1123MA395

After a pogrom chases them out of their home, Alex and Yuli flee to a forest in the Ukrainian countryside, where the opposing forces of the Russian Civil War are poised to clash. Desperately seeking shelter from the cold, the siblings take refuge in a lonely hunting cabin only to realize that their new host may be just as dangerous as the threats that await them out in the wild.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: December 18th, 2023
Release Date: January 17th, 2024

(W) David Pepose (A) Alex Cormack (L) Justin Birch
Cover Artist: Alex Cormack
Diamond Code: NOV231571
Lunar Code: 1123MA394

Framed for murder by the demonic Legion, Father Vieri must survive a deadly chase through the streets of Rome in order to escape the Inquisition. But as he possesses Vieri’s body, Legion unveils terrifying new ways to spread his corruption across the Vatican. Can Vieri find a way to turn the tables on the unholy adversary that wears his face? Or will this haunted exorcist find his last hopes extinguished by the Devil himself?

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: January 8th, 2023
Release Date: January 31st, 2024

(W) Zac Thompson (A) Jeff McComsey
(C ) Paul Little (L) Justin Birch
Cover Artist: Jeff McComsey & Paul Little
Diamond Code: NOV231572
Lunar Code: 1123MA397

FINAL ISSUE! Sam and company are at the end of their adventure. The only way out is through a horrendous being, countless soldiers, and aliens. Here’s hoping they packed enough bullets for this action-packed conclusion.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: December 18th, 2023
Release Date: January 10th, 2024

(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Andrea Mutti (L) Rus Wooton
Cover Artist: Andrea Mutti
Diamond Code: NOV231568
Lunar Code: 1123MA396

(NEW ARC) With Nick still held captive, Hector shows him to the survivors where Nick will have to face the consequences of his past. Meanwhile, Monica and Andrew are forced down a spiral of depravity by the Killer.

SRP: $3.99
Final Order Cutoff: December 18th, 2023
Release Date: January 17th, 2024

(W) Eliot Rahal (A) Stefano Simeone (L) Frank Cvetkovic
Cover Artist: Stefano Simeone
Diamond Code: NOV231567
Lunar Code: 1123MA399

Undercover Federal Agent Cara Cole finds herself in a fight for survival and sanity after infiltrating “The Hot Dog Party,” an online cult run by a washed-up viral internet sensation. What seems to be an open-and-shut case transforms into an identity crisis for Cara when The Hot Dog Party’s cult leader Paul Kovac reveals himself to be trapped inside a web of his own making.

SRP: $17.99
Final Order Cutoff: December 18th, 2023
Release Date: January 31st, 2024

Which titles will you be adding to your pull list at your favorite local comic shop? Don’t forget to shout us out at @madcavestudios on Twitter and Instagram, or drop into our Discord to chat, and let us know!


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