Pantomime Spotlight: Inside the Cave

Today we’re giving you a deeper look into our new crime drama, Pantomime, which is landing at your local comic store today!

Synopsis: Haley and her brother, Max, are alone after their mother’s death and are sent to Wayfair Academy, a special needs boarding school. Eventually, they find family amongst other deaf children. One night the group decides to dip their toes into crime… the thrill is too much to leave behind. They soon find out that stealing from the wrong person has its consequences. With no one to turn to but each other, they must make a choice, one where no one comes out the same.

Writer: Christopher Sebela Artist: David Stoll Colorist: Dearbhla Kelly Letterer: Justin Birch

See what others had to say about this first issue:
Geek Vibes Nation
Geek Vibes Nation@GeekVibesNation
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"The word “bubbles” were going to their HANDS, not their mouths."
The PullBox
The PullBox@ThePullbox
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"What really stood out about his story is that at no time do any of these kids seem to acknowledge that they’re in any way handicapped or particularly challenged."
Pastrami Nation
Pastrami Nation@PastramiNation
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"I am awed and amazed by Pantomime! I was slightly skeptical at how a reader would be able to read American Sign Language. However, Pantomime delivers!"
Screen Rant
Screen Rant@screenrant
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"Artist David Stoll imbues each character with a ton of personality based strictly on how they sign."
Click below to join us Inside the Cave and see the behind-the-scenes as David Stoll, and colorist Dearbhla Kelly take you through their creative process for Pantomime!
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