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Battlecats, Vol. 1: The Hunt for the Dire Beast

Penciller and Inker:
Andy King
Michael Camelo

Publication Date: January 20, 2021
Diamond Code: DEC201571
Rated: Teen+

Battlecats, Volume 1: The Hunt for The Dire Beast
collects Battlecats #1-5.

Battlecats is an all-original medieval, fantasy epic created by Mark London. The story is set in the fictional realm of Valderia, an elaborate world shaped by both its rich history and diverse cultures. The Battlecats, lead by Kelthan of Stormholt, are an elite team of warriors sworn to fight the forces of evil that have set out destroy the tradition and ideals of Valderia. Generation after generation, potential Battlecats are chosen from an early age and trained to one day protect the mandates of the Lion God, the realm, and the crown…

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