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It’s time to Read with Pride! To celebrate Pride month, we’ve curated a list of titles that spotlight and celebrate LGBTQ+ characters and themes, which will be discounted for readers all month long!

Here at Mad Cave Studios, we are proud to work with a diverse array of talent to bring you the very best in comics. Throughout the month of June, you can stock up on your favorite LGBTQIA+ Mad Cave and Maverick titles for 25% off – no code necessary! Plus, orders over $50 receive free shipping!

You can shop the sale here, or check out our full sale lineup below!

Cover Artist: Kevin Wada
Writer: Paul Tobin – Artist: Arjuna Susini
Colorist: Pippa Bowland – Letterer: Charles Pritchett

Synopsis: Something is wrong in the deep forests of Broke Tree Valley. Something deadly. Something mammoth. The legends speak of something larger than human comprehension…A monstrous phantom that disappears for decades at a time. Now, it’s back, and things are about to go Very Bad if four people—Olivia, Jess, Kokoro, and Mason, scientists who have come to the small city of Kasbro to investigate a bizarre series of seismic activities in this heavily forested valley—can’t put the Mammoth to rest. One real problem with this is…Olivia’s dead.

Cover Artist: Rosi Kampe
Writer: Tom Sniegoski & Jeannine Acheson – Artist: Valeria Burzo
Colorist: Emilio Lecce – Letterer: Jim Campbell

Synopsis: Amarantha is the last of her race, an ancient species that has lived among us for millennia, feeding on the life energies of humanity. Now enjoying a peaceful existence in a retirement community, she continues to consume just enough to survive. But Amarantha has made enemies throughout her long life and an ancient foe thought long defeated has returned and is out for blood, while a newer threat seeks to capture her for their own nefarious purposes! Now Amarantha must do everything in her power to vanquish her enemies and protect the life she has made for herself.

Author: Jasmine Walls – Artist: Dozerdraws — Letterer: Micah Myers

Synopsis: Jay, Lana, Drew, Walter, and Shen began playing Dice & Deathtraps in high school. Now dealing with college and all the twists and turns of their lives, their weekly game has been a wonderful constant. But, as college graduation looms and it feels like their lives are all moving down very different paths, Lana’s thrilled to finally complete the party’s unfinished original campaign. But when Jay’s partner Cassandra joins the game, Lana refuses to let her inexperience ruin the best part of her week! But in the end, that may be Lana and the party’s undoing…

Writer Jasmine Walls (SEEN: Edmonia Lewis) and artist DOZERDRAWS (Lumberjanes) weave a heartfelt story of friends learning to cope with all the changes that come from growing up. Collects issues #1- 5.

ISBN: 978-1952303210
Author: Erik Burnham – Artist: Stelladia — Letterer: Micah Myers

Synopsis: The call of adventure always seems to hang up whenever Randelgast Jones tries to answer it, leaving him facing the dull future of working in his family’s successful potion shop. But when a powerful artifact is stolen from his parents and puts them under a terrible curse, Ran finally gets the quest he’s been after his whole life. He and his siblings set off to find the missing artifact – and its trail leads them from their homeland of Primaterra to the very strange realm of…Seattle, Washington. 1992. Collects issues #1- 5.

Writer: Joe Corallo – Artist: Gaia Cardinali – Letterer: Chas! Pangburn
ISBN: 9781960578600

Synopsis: A new take on the classic 90s cartoon – King Arthur & The Knights of Justice! Quarterback Arthur King and his football team have been transported back to the time of Arthurian legend in order to free the real King Arthur and the real Knights of the Round Table from the evil Morgana!

Writer: Olivia Cuartero Briggs – Artist: Christianne Godreau
Release Date: July, 2024
ISBN: 9781960578938

Synopsis: In a continuation of the hit Netflix series, Fate: The Winx Saga Vol. 1 Dark Destiny, follows a group of fairies enrolled at the magical school of Alfea in the wake of losing their close friend, Bloom. In this new school year, Aisha, Kat, Terra and the rest of our heroes must face a mysterious new enemy that threatens to destroy everything they love.

Writer: Nadia Shammas Artist: Karnessa Colorist: Hackto Oshiro Letterer: Micah Myers
ISBN: 978-1952303333 Release Date: Oct. 31, 2023

Synopsis: On Halloween night, when the moon is full, teenagers get up to mischief. But when an encounter with a giant, sentient puppet in a graveyard sends four teens to a mysterious dimension called the Confetti Realms, they must overcome obstacles in their own friendships–and collect the debted teeth owed to the puppet–in order to make their way home.

But the allure of staying in a fantasy world is a hard one to beat, and going home to their normal lives is starting to sound less and less appealing for some. Will these friends return home?

Featuring a diverse cast of characters, this Tim Burton-esque, comedic, modern, and high-energy story is written by Harvey Award-winner Nadia Shammas, with art by Karnessa and colors by Hackto Oshiro.

Author: Jennie Wood – Artist: Dozerdraws – Letterer: Micah Myers – Editor: Erica Schultz
ISBN: 978-1952303548 Release Date: July 18th, 2023

Synopsis: High schoolers Leighton Worthington and Dylan Render have always been inseparable, but when they’re both shipped off to a summer camp for troubled youth in the aftermath of a tragic event, their lifelong friendship is put to the test. Neither ‘chose’ to be there, but they’ll need a positive evaluation from the camp to avoid being sent away, so they can continue attending high school with their friends. The challenges of camp pushes the once-inseparable Dylan and Leighton onto personal journeys of self-discovery that force them to re-examine the incident that threatens their futures, explore the friendship they have shared for so long, and discover the type of person each of them truly wants to be.

ISBN: 978-1952303258
Writer: Kate Sheridan – Illustrator: Gaia Cardinali – Letterer: Micah Myers

Synopsis: When his younger siblings and parents begin to irritate him on vacation, Jordan tries to get some space. But instead of wandering around the museum, he finds himself dropped in a fantasy world of magic where he can finally have some fun and train to become a knight.

Except Prince Astel and Sir Griffith are about to uncover a sinister secret kept hidden by the queen that’ll thrust Jordan in the middle of a magical battle he never could have anticipated.

Join writer Kate Sheridan (Flash Gordon, Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake) and artist Gaia Cardinali (Disney Mulan’s Adventure Journal: The Palace of Secrets) on Jordan’s epic fantasy adventure that’ll test how much he really wants to get home.

ISBN: 978-1952303265
Writer: Lela Gwenn – Illustrator: Rowan MacColl – Letterer: Micah Myers

Synopsis: High school student Alexa Bowman moved to Savannah, Georgia to get away from her old life. Too bad her past is a Google search away and her family’s criminal past quickly made her an outcast. From tormenting cheerleaders to dreamy football players, Alexa can’t keep up, especially when Fae, Skye, and Chloe take her into their group of outsiders. But after a night in the woods, a power has awakened within them, a power that’s equal parts magical and terrifying. But there are no coincidences in Savannah, and once they find out how to control their powers the town is in for a rude awakening.

ISBN: 978-1952303289
Writer: Rachael Smith – Illustrator: Kath Lobo – Letterer: Justin Birch

Synopsis: It’s 2009, and Sienna is really not looking forward to flying back into her hometown to say goodbye to one of the people she called family.

Though that feels like a lifetime ago. It’s 1999. And Sienna is looking forward to what is shaping up to be the perfect summer in her perfect life. She has a job working in the local video game store, Game Champ, with her four best friends, and that was how it was going to be forever… Until Jason Silver, the money-hungry landlord threatens to shut the store down. The kids must work together to save it, but with Art’s huge crush on Sienna, Jo’s crippling self-doubt, Sid’s obsession with his band, and Hope’s mysterious living situation getting in the way…how likely are they to succeed?

British Comic Award-nominated writer Rachael Smith (The Rabbit) and debut graphic novel artist Katherine Lobo share their tale about looking back at your rose-colored life and finding the family that you thought you lost.

ISBN: 978-1952303272
Writer: Jay Sandlin – Illustrator: Patrick Mulholland
Colorist: Rebecca Nalty – Letterer: Justin Birch

Synopsis: Football is a religion where Adrian “The Colombian Cannon” Molina comes from and with his wicked right leg, he has a clear shot to the promised land of the European Junior Leagues.
But when a football scout offers him a full scholarship to an elite prep school in London, the news seems too good to be true. His enrollment hits a snag upon meeting the team’s star striker, Titan Evans. Titan is everything Adrian is not; rich, powerful, connected, and with a hunger to dominate the school as well as the pitch. The constant fighting, teasing, and bullying, brings about crippling anxiety of losing his spot on the team. That’s until Luciano DeSilva takes him under his wing, and gives Adrian the confidence to be himself and value his position on the team.

From visionary writer and podcaster Jay Sandlin (Over the Ropes), illustrator Patrick Mulholland (Power Rangers), and superstar colorist Rebecca Nalty (GLOW) comes a foot- ball story, that blends the energy and heart of Shonen manga with a story about finding the right people in your life to not only make you a better player, but a better person.

ISBN: 9781952303920
Limited 1/500

Limited to 500 boxes, each Year One Box Set collects In the Shadow of the Throne, Good Game Well Played, World Class, Nightmare in Savannah, and our first-ever title, Needle & Thread!


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