The Beginning of The End – Battlecats Vol.3: Hero Of Legend

After the death of King Eramad III, Valderia is lost, and a perpetual state of violence has consumed the land. Valadar now sits on the throne and the Battlecats are without their leader, Kelthan. Now, Queen Adastril has taken charge of a resistance group, and her first order of business: recover the corpse of their fallen king. The beginning of the end for the Battlecats starts now!

Writer: Mark London – Artist: Michael Camelo – Colorist: Tekino – Letterer: Miguel A. Zapata

Volume three marks the beginning of the end of the Battlecats journey. After the death of King Eramad III, Valderia bleeds as the season of Rorinhal falls upon it. Valadar has claimed the throne, and the Battlecats are fractured without their leader. Will Valderia unite to survive Rorinhal or will Myrthalen recreate the power of the Mark of the Fang and bring an end to Valderia? Join Mad Cave Studios in celebrating the grand finale of Battlecats, and witness a battle that has brewed for decades!

“To have the opportunity to continue working on Battlecats is always exciting! Not only is this story near and dear to my heart, but watching the characters evolve throughout each volume is something I’m really proud of. This will be our final volume of the series, and I have to say with all the hard work from our team, this is our best work yet! It’s been a truly rewarding experience, and I’m beyond grateful for having an excellent team to create with. I couldn’t have done it without Mike, Tekino, Miguel, Gio, and Chris. We can’t wait for fans and new readers to be a part of our grand finale, and to see all the Madness that comes from Battlecat Vol.3.”
– Writer, Mark London

“I liked working on Vol. 3, because, without giving too many spoilers, I was able to explore new locations within Valderia and since it is such a diverse world, it was very interesting to bring those places to life through a different variety of colors.”
– Artist, Tekino

“It has been a pleasure for me to work on this amazing story that Mark has created, in this wonderful world of Valderia, in their conflicts and principally their characters. Along with an amazing team like Tekino and Ricardo in the color and the entire MadCave design team, we did the best we could to make a fantastic art, thanks to all of them it has been a wonderful experience” – Artist, Michael Camelo

Battlecats Mad Cave

Battlecats #1 Vo.3 will be available for Pre-order on April 28, 2021 and can be purchased at, Comixology, Drive-thru comics, or your local comic book shop.


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