The Iele are Calling – Whisper of the Woods Annuounced

Coming soon from Mad Cave Studios is the newest folk-horror graphic novel from Romanian creator Ennun Ana Iurov (Needle & Thread), Whisper of the Woods. Taking place in the mysterious woods of Romania, Whisper of the Woods follows classic Romanian folklore and passes along the legend of the fearsome Iele.

After the disappearance of a close friend, a young university student, Adam, finds himself compelled to travel to Transylvania and take matters into his own hands. The search brings him to a haunted village in the middle of Transylvania, with a terrible history that haunts its inhabitants. Can Adam find the truth of what happened to his friend? Or will he succumb to the terrible secrets that lie in the woods?

Writer & Artist: Ennun Ana Iurov – Letterer: Micah Myers
Publication Date: October 24, 2023
ISBN: 9781952303746

Synopsis: In search of his missing friend, Adam travels to the heart of Romania’s most supernatural forest, Hoia Baciu. Disregarding the local’s warnings of iele hunting the men in the vicinity, and the witch’s premonition of his impending death, he remains steadfast in his decision to find his friend. Though with every passing night, it becomes impossible to ignore the happenings around him…

Meet the Creator!

Ennun Ana Iurov (she/he/they) is a Romanian illustrator known for their work on Needle & Thread under the Maverick imprint of young adult graphic novels. For over 6 years Ennun has created and self-published short comics and stories focusing mainly on empowering charity zines, working with organizations such as, Action Against Hunger, and others. Ennun’s illustration skills have a wide range from folk tales to dream core to horror and more, and now in Whisper of the Woods will combine all of these talents.

“I’m really excited for Whisper of the Woods to finally be released. It’s a bit nerve wracking, it being the first comic officially published that I not only drew for but also wrote. Regardless, I hope people will give it a try, find some enjoyment in it, and that this comic will make people more interested in Romanian folklore, since we have a lot of dark, creepy monsters and stories that I’m sure many people would enjoy.”
– Writer & Artist, Ennun Ana Iurov (he/she/they)

Sneak Peek!

Take a peek into the mysterious woods of Romania’s most supernatural forest, Hoia Baciu. Click through for your first look into the pages of Whisper of the Woods!
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