Battlecats comic


is an original, medieval fantasy comic created by Mark London. The story is set in Valderia, a majestic world shaped by its rich history and diverse feline cultures. Led by Kelthan of Stormholt, the Battlecats are an elite team of warriors sworn to protect the throne against the forces of evil bent on destroying Valderia’s traditions and ideal.

Now a new enemy is rising, an evil army is being forged like nothing the world has seen before. With them this new evil brings doubt upon the crown, but worst of all, it brings the power of a menacing god. Will Valderia be able to survive a war that no one was prepared for? This is only the beginning…

With the combination of London’s writing, King’s illustration and Giraldo’s use of colour, it seems that Mad Cave Studios have a promising recipe on their hands. 

With a kickass title and an interesting premise, [this comic] is a fun little venture that has plenty of potential… then look no further than here.  

Jonathan Edwards, Starburst Magazine.

[This] is exactly what you want from an independent publisher, a professional looking work that challenges what larger publishers crank out weekly. [This comic] certainly does that and has gotten me excited to read more of the series and from the publisher. If you loved iconic cartoons from the 80s, but appreciate modern storytelling, then check [it out]

Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards

An Amazing 9/10!! Intrigue begins to run deep with the cats! The cats are still cool, the art is still striking. The story in this book also gets more nuanced with some Game of Thrones style political betrayals and intrigue begin to play a part

Aeon River, Toylab Indie Comic Reviews

Get to Know the Battlecats

The Battlecats have existed since Valderia’s inception. Their purpose is to protect the King, Valderia, and the mandates of the Lion God. It was King Eramad I who declared: “The Battlecats must consist of one feline from each region of Valderia.”


from Stormholt

Kelthan is the youngest feline ever to be appointed leader of the Battlecats. He is devoted to protecting the realm of Valderia and the mandates of the Lion God. Nothing can stand in the way of Kelthan and his convictions. As long as he wields his mighty claymore, Zaphyra’s Wrath, he is unstoppable.


from Greenspyre

Kaleera is an acrobatic young feline with exceptional agility and balance from the forest region of Greenspyre. She is the Battlecats’ tactical scout and sharpshooter. Her legendary precision with a bow and arrow, along with her dangerous hand-to-hand combat skills, make her capable of besting any opponent. She is not to be taken lightly.

Kaleera - Battlecat


from Il-shavaar

The most physically imposing Battlecat is also the most spiritual. Zorien was shaped by the desert sands of Il-Shavaar. He uses his immense strength in battle. Yet, his mental discipline allows him to watch over and protect his teammates with a focused conviction. Known to despise violence, he accepts that it can serve a greater purpose.


from Arkhovia

The magic wielder of the Battlecats was born in the mystical region of Arkhovia and her ancestry is tied to Valderia itself. Besides being able to heal others through magic, Vaela is able to manipulate Shadow-a magical creature-as a weapon in battle. The youngest Battlecat of the group, she is also the most trusting and naive.

Vaela - Battlecat
Mekkar - Battlecat


from Blackstone

The proud feline from Blackstone is the most impulsive and unapologetic of the Battlecats. Mekkar is a master of the mace and shield, a weapon combination that perfectly symbolizes his balance between offense and defense in battle. Like all Blackstonians, he is an artist at heart but hides his compassion behind his witty personality.

All I can say is that Battlecats builds. It’s an emotionally-charged, action-packed adventure enveloped by a captivating medieval fantasy setting that constantly grows both in size and appeal. Battlecats offers something for every comic book reader —from fantasy fans to overall indie lovers, from the avid comics lector to the more passive ones. Our desire is to submerge each Battlecats reader into Valderia’s rich environment and experience this world through their eyes.

Mark London, PREVIEWSworld Interview