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Established in 2014, Mad Cave Studios is an independent comic book publisher from Miami, Florida driven by madness to create the most fun and diverse comics on the market. Through beautiful art and creative storytelling we want to make sure you have the most fun possible reading comics. We strive to bring our fans the type of content that they expect and deserve. Pick up any Mad Cave comic book and the first thing you are going to notice is quality. Once you begin reading and flipping through the pages of our comics, you will realize how much each one plays with diverse themes across a variety of genres. Author Mark London (Battlecats, Midnight Task Force, G: Honor and Curse, Knights of the Golden Sun) strives to make every book feel different from the next. But he has made sure that every comic book has one thing in common: madness!




All of the artists here at Mad Cave do an amazing job at bringing that madness out on every page and panel. Each of the creative teams are passionately dedicated to their respective titles. Michael Camelo and Julian Gonzalez (Battlecats), Alejandro Giraldo (Midnight Task Force), Mauricio Villarreal (Knights of the Golden Sun) and Nicolas Salamanca and colorist Eric Vasquez (G: Honor and Curse), make up the lead artists here at Mad Cave Studios, and they are working consistently with these on-going titles to make them the most visually stimulating comics on the market today. When you combine all of that creative talent with a determined and borderline insane group of people behind marketing and social media you get a special kind of madness, the type of madness that can’t be contained, the type of madness that needs to be shared with the world.




Our commitment to creativity and madness is what sets us apart from the rest, and the amount of passion we have for comic books is what makes us here at Mad Cave so confident that we can provide quality entertainment for the fans. After all, you, the comic book fans, are the reason we created the Mad Cave. Our ultimate goal is to create memorable worlds, characters, and experiences for everyone to enjoy. Whatever type of comic book you’re into, whether you enjoy classic medieval, fantasy stories set in a fictional universes, gritty crime-thrillers that follow mentally ill detectives, mythological stories about the battle between Heaven and Hell, or possessed shinobi’s fighting to control their demons, all you need to do is step into the Mad Cave and surrender to the madness.


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