Mad Cave is an independent publisher founded in 2014 focused on creating world wide entertainment in the horror, sci-fi, action-adventure, crime, noir, and fantasy space. Mad Cave works with international creators to develop masterfully illustrated art with a focus on character-driven storytelling.

Laura Chacon - Bio - Mad Cave Studios 2022



Laura has been the voice of reason since the beginning. Without her support, Mad Cave wouldn’t be where it is today.
Mark London - Mad Cave Studios

Mark London

CEO and Chief Creative Officer

Everything he does at Mad Cave is the result of a commitment he made to his amazing wife to pursue his passion and follow his dreams. Always read the best comics first.
Mark Irwin - the team



Mark Irwin, a graduate of the Joe Kubert School, is now the Vice President of Mad Cave Studios. A true comic book rock and roller, Mark has written and/or edited books about The Beatles, David Bowie, Rush, Motorhead, and more.
Chris Fernandez

Chris Fernandez


Chris Fernandez is the Publisher at Mad Cave and has also edited titles including Stargazer, Dry Foot, Nottingham, and Battlecats. Outside of comics, he likes to spend his time playing soccer, reading up on current interests, and exercising with his partner and two brindle pups; Zuko and Han.
Cecilia - Headshot


Chief Financial Officer

With over 25 years of experience managing various companies, Cecilia has brought her experience over to help keep Mad Cave on track.
Allison Pond


Marketing Director

As a creative and conscientious brand builder, I find joy through fostering unique hyper-engaged communities via digital and physical experiences.

Giovanna T. Orozco

Production Manager

Six years ago her passion for films, novels, comics and music brought her to the Cave.

Chas! Pangburn

Chas! Pangburn

Senior Editor

Chas! Pangburn is an award-winning editor, writer, and letterer. He’s been fortunate to collaborate with publishers across the industry, but he found a forever home in Mad Cave. In his free time, an angry corgi bosses him around for long walks throughout Cincinnati, Ohio.

Lauren Hitzhusen - Mad Cave About Us

Lauren Hitzhusen

Maverick Senior Editor

Lauren Hitzhusen has a Masters in publishing and has been in love with comics since high school and the world of comics for much, much longer. A fan of cats, coffee, D&D, and the Latin language, she is thrilled to be part of the Mad Cave Studios team as the senior editor of Maverick. Previous editing/writing credits include Valiant Entertainment, ScreenRant, Houstonia, CultureFly, and Sunday Riley.
James B. Emmett - Mad Cave About Us

James B. Emmett

Senior Editor

James Emmett has worked in the comic book industry for well over a decade. He has edited work for Marvel Entertainment, Image Comics, 451 Media, Mezco Toyz, and more! His free time is spent debating with friends about Drag Race or an old episode of Buffy, reading, listening to podcasts, and failing to stay up to date on new TV shows.
Rex E. Ogle - Mad Cave Papercutz About us

Rex E. Ogle

Editorial director for Papercutz

Rex Ogle has 20 years of experience editing comics and books.  He has worked on everything from Marvel and DC Comics to Star Wars, Minions, Minecraft, and more.  In his spare time, you can find him writing his own books, playing MarioKart, or hiking with his dog.
Maya Lopez - Mad Cave



Creative marketing specialist with a passion for creating genuine, human experiences in digital spaces. Loves exploring new places, watching anime, and taking long walks to cute coffee shops.
Miguel Angel Zapata

Miguel Angel Zapata

Design Director

Graphic designer, comicbook letterer and illustrator. Specialized in editorial design for comics books and novels.

Diana Bermudez

Diana Bermudez

Graphic Designer

Being part of the Mad cave group is a great learning opportunity, every day you learn something new about comics, this is really fascinating for the growth of my career as a designer.

David Reyes

David Reyes

Graphic Designer

David Reyes is a Bogotá graphic designer passionate about branding, lettering and vector illustration, Happy to be in Mad Cave Studio a group of people committed and passionate about the world of comics.


Adriana T Orozco

Interactive Media Designer

Adriana loves to learn about the comics world, but it was her passion for movies, books and storytelling that brought her to the Mad Cave Team.

Nicolas Zea - Mad Cave

Nicolas Zea Arias

Audiovisual Producer

I’m Nicolas Zea, audiovisual creator, VFX and motion designer, delighted to work with Mad Cave Studios and its great team passionate about comics.
Starlin Gonzalez - Mad Cave About Us

Starlin Gonzalez

Accounting & Finance Director

With more than 20 years of experience in Accounting & Finance. Starlin joined the Cave As Accounting & Finance Director to perform all his knowledge in the Financial Department.
Chris La Torre - Mad Cave About Us

Chris La Torre

Retail Relations Manager

He’s spent years as a Veracious Comic Reader and Comic Book Advocate by sharing his love of Comics to everyone. His experience working with Retailers is not only his mission, but it’s truly a passion for him.
Pedro Herrera - Mad Cave

Pedro Herrera

Retail Associate

As a lifelong fan of all things comic book and nerd, working in an environment like the one here at Mad Cave is nothing less than a dream come true.
Frank Silva

Frank Silva

Executive Assistant

At the office, Frank wears many hats and helps out in different ways including outreach and research. When not working, he’s either reading comics, or studying for a Marketing degree. He’s thrilled to be at Mad Cave, pursuing his childhood dream of working in the comic industry.

Stephanie Hidalgo - About Us

Stephanie Hidalgo

Office Manager

Stephanie Hidalgo has a degree in forensic science, is a lifelong comic enthusiast, Spider-mans biggest fan, and cat lover. She works in the Miami studio and is happy to be part of the Mad Cave family.