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Honor and Curse takes place in Feudal Japan and follows Genshi Sakagura, adopted by the Iga clan after witnessing the murder of his parents. A promising young shinobi, Genshi hopes to marry Lord Haruki’s beautiful daughter, Akemi, and lead the Iga clan warriors into battle. His future looked promising, until a training session turned violent and Genshi almost killed Master Nishiro.

From that moment forward, Genshi is tormented by an evil spirit, known as a Tengu, that haunts his dreams and bends reality around him. But nothing can prepare Genshi for when the Tengu consumes him and he becomes an unstoppable force of nature with no recollection or remorse for his actions. Witness the struggle of a young man coming to grips with his fate and realizing that is both and Honor and Curse.

“There is definitely an intriguing tale about Genshi’s struggles with himself that I would like to see grow through later issues, and I think that many fans of ninja and Samurai-themed media will adore this series. It’s a good start, and I hope to see it grow into its full potential as the comic progresses.”  

Jodi Scaife, Fanbase Press.

Lord Haruki - Honor and Curse

Lord Haruki

Iga Clan’s leader is an honorable warrior at heart. He’s willing to do anything to protect his daughter, Akemi, and the village from looming threats.
Yua - Honor and Curse

Lady Yua

Kunoichi of the rival Koga clan, Yua is a ruthless assassin and master of disguise that uses her charm and seductiveness to her own advantage.

Genshi - Honor and Curse


Taken in by Nishiro after witnessing the murder of his parents, Genshi’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of an ominous mountain spirit, Tengu.
Akemi - Honor and Curse

Lady Akemi

Both beautiful and intelligent, Akemi is the successor to her Father, Haruki. Though her Father would never approve, she is in love with Genshi.  

Nishiro - Honor and Curse

Master Nishiro

Disgraced in battle years ago, Nishiro fled in shame and joined the Iga. He has made it his personal mission to make sure Genshi rises to his potential.


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All I can say is that Battlecats builds. It’s an emotionally-charged, action-packed adventure enveloped by a captivating medieval fantasy setting that constantly grows both in size and appeal. Battlecats offers something for every comic book reader —from fantasy fans to overall indie lovers, from the avid comics lector to the more passive ones. Our desire is to submerge each Battlecats reader into Valderia’s rich environment and experience this world through their eyes.

Mark London, PREVIEWSworld Interview

Akemi - Honor and Curse


“Lady Akemi is one of my favorite characters to draw, she is very cute and also has a roguish side the village doesn’t know about. In this panel, she has a confrontation with her father, Lord Haruki, his words hurt her and, thus, ends up devastated in tears. I wanted to represent the fragility of Akemi with a vulnerable pose, I hope I achieved it.” Nicolás Salamanca

Mark London

Mark London


Creator and writer of Honor and Curse. He has been writing scripts for years and had dreams of making them a reality. Mark London writes with one focus in mind: to provide a unique comic book experience through dynamic storytelling and epic world building.




Illustrator and lover of manga and anime, his greatest influences come from eastern culture. The artists who have influenced his career, are artists like Akira Torikama, Takehiko Inoue, Yusuke Murata and Takeshi Obata. He is currently working as a comic book artist for Mad Cave Studios on the shinobi inspired comic, Honor & curse. Someday he would like to have his work published in Japan.




Fan of animation and manga, his true passion is for drawing. Eric began working in the digital art medium more than 6 years ago. By practicing constantly, observing multiple artists and learning from various tutorials he has become a truly talented individual with beautiful work to show for his hard work. He currently works for Mad Cave Studios as a colorist for the shinobi inspired comic, Honor And Curse.




Although professionally he’s been involved in the world of engineering and architecture, Jonathan has always dreamed of making himself known through his artistic talent on paper. Inspired mostly by videogames, the desire to create his own stories has led him to study and practice the art of visual narrative.


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