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Knights of the Golden Sun is all-new biblical epic and historical fiction comic book written by Mark London and illustrated by Mauricio Villarreal. Four hundred years separate the Old Testament from the New Testament, and during that time neither man nor angel could hear God’s divine message.

In His absence, an age of chaos ensues. With humanity at the wayside, a power struggle erupts. The Fallen, a group of angels banished from Providence for ignoring Father’s message, challenge the Archangels for control of the heavenly throne. What role will humanity play in the deciding of their fate? Who will rule over Providence and all that comes with it? The path to Providence begins in hell…

This is a bombastic and ridiculous reimagining of the Old Testament. It’s very pretty, it’s great fun, and it has the glammest and most anime angels possible. Highly recommended; it’s a very good time, particularly if you like silly high drama.  

Oliver Gerlach, Comic Bastards

London and his team have presented another engaging story that will appeal to readers that enjoy narratives that are epic and incorporate themes of ultimate good versus evil. London keeps his story fresh while Villarreal’s sweeping visuals convey a mythical, dream-like quality that support the story being told.

Michele Brittany, Fanbase Press

Knights of the Golden Sun

Four-hundred years of silence has never been so loud… Witness the birth of the classic struggle between good and evil in this visually striking biblical epic.


The Archangels are the guardians of Providence and the protectors of humanity. Created by God to obey His divine message, the four Archangels each serve a specific purpose; Michael is known as the “Sword of God”, Gabrielle is the carrier of His divine message, Uriel represents the light and passion of His will, and Raphael represents His empathy towards humanity. Together, they will do whatever it takes to protect Providence from the Fallen who wish to take the throne for themselves.


Banished by Archangel Michael, the Fallen are a group of rebellious angels that could not grasp why Father was so obsessed with, in their minds, something as pathetic as humanity. Now, they are cursed to walk among humanity for the rest of their days. Among the more notable Fallen are Lucifer and Azrael. Lucifer is Father’s first born and is considered to be the most powerful angel. Azrael is known as the “Angel of Death” and her lack of allegiance makes her a major threat to Providence and humanity.

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Mark London

Mark London


Creator and writer of Knights of the Golden Sun. He’s been writing scripts for years and has dreams of making them a reality. Mark London writes with one focus in mind: to provide a unique comic book experience through dynamic storytelling and epic world-building.

Mauricio Villarreal

Mauricio Villarreal


Graphic designer and illustrator. He’s a fan of all types of art, but especially painting and music. He’s also an autodidact with a passion for concept art, world-building, and detailed characters. Mauricio sees every day as a chance to learn and grow as an artist.

…it’s a dystopian future, so that’s always a fun setting to explore. But, this book deals with dark situations you would not necessarily face in your everyday life. This is an opportunity for me to “let loose” (a bit) with certain themes and push the envelope. Also, exploring different futuristic settings and all the different gadgets, cars, etc., again, all coming from Alejandro who is a master at this. With Midnight Task Force, when I put the proverbial “pen to page” I know I don’t have to hold back. There are no limits

Mark London, PREVIEWSworld Interview