Friendship Takes Flight! Paper Planes Is Now Available!

This is the Summer where everything changes. Our award-winning original graphic novel, Paper Planes, written by Eisner award-winning author Jennie Wood (Flutter, A Boy Like Me) with art by Dozerdraws (The Last Session), and letters by Micah Myers (Needle and Thread), is now available!

At a camp for troubled youth, two lifelong friends reckon with the tragedy that bonds them, the futures they’ve jeopardized, and the sacrifices they’ll need to make to become the people they truly want to be. This coming-of-age story comes straight from the heart of its creators, as the friendship between Dylan and Leighton is inspired by Jennie’s grade school friendship!

ISBN: 978-1952303548

Author: Jennie Wood – Artist: Dozerdraws – Letterer: Micah Myers – Editor: Erica Schultz

Summary: High schoolers Leighton Worthington and Dylan Render have always been inseparable, but when they’re both shipped off to a summer camp for troubled youth in the aftermath of a tragic event, their lifelong friendship is put to the test.
Neither ‘chose’ to be there, but they’ll need a positive evaluation from the camp to avoid being sent away, so they can continue attending high school with their friends.

The challenges of camp pushes the once-inseparable Dylan and Leighton onto personal journeys of self-discovery that force them to re-examine the incident that threatens their futures, explore the friendship they have shared for so long, and discover the type of person each of them truly wants to be.

Meet the Creators!

Jennie Wood – Author (They/Them)
“Paper Planes has been a gift. The project gave me the opportunity to explore an intense grade school friendship soon after I found out that a close childhood friend of mine passed away. Grade school friendships have a unique place in our lives, I think in part because those relationships rarely survive the transition to high school. This story is about that more innocent time, the time right before high school, right before everything changes. Paper Planes also allowed me to a write my first non-binary character while I was coming out as non-binary. In addition, it provided the chance to collaborate with a wonderful creative team — Dozer, Erica Schultz and everyone at Maverick / Mad Cave — during a time when I felt so isolated due to the pandemic.”

Instagram: @jenniewoodndid

We had the chance to chat with Jennie about Paper Planes, their inspirations, their creative process, and so much more in an exclusive interview! You can read it here!

DOZERDRAWS – Artist (They/Them)
“As a nonbinary creator „Paper Planes“ is what I would have loved to read during my teen years. I am more than happy that I could help bring this emotional and very personal story to life.”

Instagram: @littledozerbaby | Twitter: @littledozerbaby


The reviews are flying in for our critically-acclained original graphic novel, Paper Planes! See what critics are saying below!

Publisher’s Weekly
Publisher’s Weekly@PublishersWkly
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“This emotionally resonant telling presents the protagonists’ challenges and missteps with empathy, making for a simultaneously hopeful and sobering reminder that growing up sometimes means growing apart..” -Publisher’s Weekly
Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus Reviews@KirkusReviews
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“A queer coming-of-age story that embraces the mess and complexity of identity and relationships.” -Kirkus Reviews
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"Creators Wood and Dozerdraws are, like Dylan, both nonbinary, adding empathic, multilayered nuance to their exceptional collaboration. Dozerdraws’ artistry is especially notable, every inch saturated with color, rollicking with motion, and illuminated with feelings both stifled and shared." -Booklist



BFFs Dylan and Leighton were supposed to be friends forever, but when a tragic incident sends them to a camp for troubled teens, can their friendship survive the Summer? Check out the official trailer for Paper Planes below!

Sneak Peek!

We’ve got a glimpse into the pages of our upcoming original graphic novel, Paper Planes! Click through to check them out below!

Paper Planes is now available on the official Maverick website, and is available at your favorite bookstore, local comic shop, and digital comic reader!


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