From The Heart Of Miami – Dry Foot

From the heart of Miami, comes to life the thrilling tale of Fabian, Mariana, Angel, and Diego. Dry Foot Vol. 1 takes place in the 1980s during the most dangerous and decadent era, famous for Art Deco. Mad Cave Studios’ proximity to the heart of this city has brought to life a unique story that highlights the food, culture and lifestyle many dream of in this Magic city. Discover a nuanced insight into the life of someone who grew up in the city. You’ll find yourself immersed in the variety of cultures that have made Miami the metropolis that it is today!

“Dry Foot was a uniquely emotional experience for me. A lot of me, and my own group of teenage troublemaker friends, made its way into the script.” Writer Jarred Lujan shares. “I’m very proud of this book, of the incredible art team that brought it to life, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

“I’ve had a blast working on Dry Foot! It’s been a joy and an honor to be able to depict Latin characters and culture on the comic page, not to mention the fun I’ve had getting to draw a story set in the 1980s.” Artist Orlando Caicedo says. “Plus, we have a great team on this book, everyone brought their A-game which shows in the finished product.”

Artist Orlando Caicedo used references like Miami’s Calle Ocho, Little Havana, and Versailles to help create the authentic feel of Miami. The four teenage characters are extensions of writer Jarred Lujan’s, mischievous childhood friends.

Geek Vibes Nation
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“I have always thought that the best stories invoke a visceral response from me. If I can get to the point where I can feel apprehensive about what will transpire next, you have done a great job. That’s the place Dryfoot lead me. So definite kudos to writer Jarred Luján for invoking those kinds of feelings”

- Martin Sexton
Soda and Telepaths
Soda and Telepaths@SodaTelepaths
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“Dry Foot is the heist you didn’t know you wanted and the Hispanic ode to the 1980s that Comic Books have been begging for. Though it’s hard for a white Australian to emphasise the importance a comic like this would have to young Hispanics, I can still feel the positive influence and representation with the turn of each page.”

- Anthony Pollock
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“DRY FOOT features a vibrant 80s inspired Art Deco style. Even scenes at night have a bright color pop to them. The art also nails movement, from the swing of a baseball bat, to the flip of a ring, to the accidental ripping of a garbage bag, you get a real sense of what is happening. As the story progresses, the characters’ facial expressions effectively convey emotion.”

- Darren Shulman
Set in Miami during its most dangerous and decadent decade, the 1980s, this coming-of-age tale follows four teens desperate to escape the drugs and violence of the city. Together, they plot a heist to steal large sums of cash from the most dangerous gang on Calle Ocho, Los Marielitos. Dry Foot is a fearless story infused with hispanic culture that deals with friendship, family, and sacrifice.

Writer: Jarred LujánArtist: Orlando CaicedoColorist: Warnia K. SahadewaLetterer: Justin Birch

Dry Foot Vol. 1 is now available and can be purchased at, Comixology, Drive-thru comics, or your local comic book shop.


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