Jeferson Sadzinski: Show’s End Creator Spotlight

Get to Know the Artist Behind the Freak Show

We are very excited to bring you a series of Creator Spotlight articles that focus on our new titles, Show’s End; A story as brutal as it is beautiful. Today, Chris Sanchez was joined by series artist, Jeferson Sadzinski, to discuss a little about winning Mad Cave’s talent search and what makes his mind tick…

Jeferson Sadzinski about Art, Talent Search, and Ghosts

Chris Sanchez: Hey, Jeferson, glad to have you on our Creator Spotlight. To start things off, what are some of your major influences?  Jeferson Sadzinski: My biggest influences as a comic book artist are Eduardo Risso, Mike Mignola, Sean Gordon Murphy, Joe Madureira and more recently I fell in love with Roger Ibáñez work. I really like stylized artwork and I’m also heavily influenced by cartoons, movies, and books. CS: How has your experience as a Mad Cave’s First Talent Search Winner been? JS: Awesome! It’s the first monthly job in my career. It was a really nice surprise when Mad Cave picked me and especially when they introduced me to the Show’s End project, I’m a big horror fan. I am very excited to be working side by side with great professionals and sharing the cave with other excellent comic book artists. CS: What’s a weird fact about yourself that you care to share for the Cave Dwellers? JS: Well, I’m fairly normal actually. Although, the ghost who lives in my apartment and with whom I have long conversations every day, told me that I’m a real weirdo for singing while I wash the dishes. 
The Creative Process
CS: Tell us a little bit about how you approached the design of this colorful cast of characters. Are there any that stand out to you personally? JS: In the stories I read I always like to see unique characters that demonstrate their personality through their clothes, their body language, and facial expressions. I try to think about it when I’m conveying the visuals of ​​a character on paper. Twigs is certainly my favorite character.
CS: What is your favorite part of the creative process and why? JS: Layouts are a lot of fun. Figuring out the best way to tell the story visually and engage the reader is also the most challenging step.


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