The Mad Cave Studios Talent Search 2018 Is A Wrap!

Mad Cave Is Poised For A Big 2019!

After an overwhelming amount of submissions from around the globe, the Mad Cave Studios talent search is officially a wrap! We want to thank all of the creative talent, artists and writers, that sent in their portfolios and submission. When we started this MAD talent search we were not expecting the hundreds of entries we received, but we should have never underestimated all of you Cave Dwellers out there!

Unfortunately, Mad Cave could not choose a million winners so we had to narrow it down to four artists and four writers. Each one of the winners selected showcases undeniable talent that brings a variety of fresh styles and techniques to the Cave. We feel that every winner selected from the Mad Cave Studios talent search personifies our ethos of bringing fun, variety, and madness to comics.

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce the winners of the 2018 Mad Cave Studios talent search:

The Writers:

The Artists:

With the amazing combination of talent that each of these creatives bring to the table, Mad Cave Studios is poised to have an exciting 2019. So, Cave Dwellers, stay tuned for more announcements regarding all of the MADNESS that will be coming out of the cave next year. Until then, don’t forget…


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