In this twisted medieval noir, the Sheriff of Nottingham hunts a serial killer with a penchant for tax collectors. The Sheriff’s investigation makes him the target of England’s most nefarious power-brokers. That’s to say nothing of the Merry Men, terrorists lurking amongst the trees of Sherwood, led by an enigma known only as “Hood.”







Here's What Critics Are Saying

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"What I found is a tremendously entertaining first issue packed with witty remixes of stories we think we know, some truly creepy design work, and a medieval noir feel that pulled me in immediately. "
Screen Rant
Screen Rant@screenrant
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"Mad Cave Studios' new series Nottingham has taken the "heroic" out from Robin Hood's legendary status as "heroic outlaw" by reimagining the highly skilled archer and swordsman as a twisted serial killer."
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"You can’t trust anyone, and you’re never really sure who will come out on top in this retelling that carries shades of the twisting political machinations of A Song of Ice and Fire."
Talking Comic Books
Talking Comic Books@talkingcomics
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"The world needs more medieval noirs. Jaded heroes investigating murders and fighting with swords. Nottingham fills that niche perfectly. Set during the time of Robin Hood and the Crusades, Nottingham clears its own path in the lore."
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"David Hazan has spun the familiar and turned it into a crime noir, with the normally villainous Sheriff playing the part of the grizzled investigator working to bring a killer to justice."
Emerald Archer Reviews
Emerald Archer Reviews@EmeraldArcher1_
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"David keeps up his expert storytelling with a progressing story that is both captivating with mythology and dazzling with action! Shane has evolved with art in this volume, keeping to his extremely unique style but, from my point of view, increasing the amount of detail panel to panel. Luca embodies the story and art with the application of sublime colourisation. These three are truly proving themselves as masters of their respective crafts."

"God Save the king"



The Characters

Everard Blackthorne

Everard Blackthorne is the Sheriff of Nottingham. A veteran of the Crusades, Ev is haunted by the horrors he’s witnessed–particularly the fall of Acre and the massacre that occurred there. After suffering an injury on the front lines, Everard returned to England at the behest of the King, much to his shame. As the Sheriff of Nottingham, Everard has a strong sense of justice, and will not stop in his mission to right the wrongs committed against the innocent. The Sheriff is not above the use of violence or intimidation to get his way, though his kinder side sometimes gets the better of him.

Robert of Locksley

Robert of Locksley, better known by his peers as Hood, is the leader of the band of Merry Men currently terrorizing Nottingham. Known as a hero of the Crusades, Robert was sent back to England in secret by none other than Richard the Lionheart to look after his domestic interests. Despite being discharged from battle, Hood was thrilled by the spectacle of the bloodshed and resented the King for sending him home so soon. As the leader of the merry men, Hood’s reign of terror has culminated in a killing spree of Nottingham’s highest nobility–though he seems to have a particular penchant for Nottingham’s tax collectors. While he claims the merry men steal for the poor, it remains unclear to whom, exactly, the stolen funds have been distributed.

Maid Marian

The last in a line of nobility that has faded into poverty, Maid Marian wants nothing more than to restore the wealth and privilege of her house. After a failed assassination attempt on Prince John, her father, Sir Robert Fitzwater, fled England, leaving Marian behind in the process. Often underestimated, Marian has proven herself to be an adept swordswoman and can hold her own in a battle if need be. She isn’t afraid to use her feminine wiles to get her way, be it seducing the taxman into skimming off the top for her, or secretly spying for Robin in an attempt to win his hand in marriage. Cross her, however, and she will personally bring you to ruin.

Harald Haraldson

Robin’s left hand, and his grizzled second-in-command on the away mission, while Little John holds down the fort at home, Haraldson is from viking stock. He’s fierce and fiery, quick to anger and slow to forgive, and he’s a true believer in the cause of the Merry Men…perhaps even truer than Robin himself.

King Phillip of France

King Richard’s most devoted enemy, King Phillip of France is no stranger to making plays for power in the royal theatre. Power is his ultimate goal, and Phillip uses his cunning nature to obtain it whenever possible. A jealous king, Phillip is deeply envious of Richard the Lionheart and his battlefield prowess. Rumors still swirl that he and Richard were lovers once. At the news of Richard’s kidnapping, he conspires with Prince John to make sure Richard never returns home — even if it comes at the cost of innocent lives.


Aya is a mysterious figure whom Everard Blackthorne and Robin Hood encounter on their journey to Rome. She is a saracen, and claims she was married to a Templar, who was released from his vows so that he could save her soul from the path of the heathen…but there’s more to her than meets the eye…and her true motives remain a mystery.

Richard the Lionheart

Once celebrated for his military prowess, Richard the Lionheart has suffered for months in the captivity of the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry VI. During the height of the Crusades, Richard arranged for the return of Robert of Locksley to Nottingham to quell the dissent of his younger brother, Prince John.

Eleanor of Aquitaine

The Matriarch of an entire dynasty, Eleanor of Aquitaine is never one to mince words. With her age and experience comes deep wisdom, married with a quick wit and surprisingly sprightly demeanor. Eleanor, the Queen Mother, isn’t one to shy away from using force to further her aims. Upon hearing the news of Richard the Lionheart’s kidnapping, she intimidates Prince John into taking action and paying the ransom under threat of siege.

Prince John

John Lackland. The pompous and greedy Prince John rules England as if it were his own kingdom in his brother’s absence. His peers regard him as “John Lackland”, as it is well-known that he will never inherit any lands, but the Prince has other designs…he holds Richard the Lionheart in contempt, believing Richard stole his rightful place as their father’s heir. He is initially reluctant to pay Richard’s ransom, but caves to pressure from his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine. His capitulation is for appearances only, as he conspires with King Phillip II of France to ensure the ransom never arrives, leaving Richard in peril. He is a cunning political operator, second only perhaps to his mother.

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