They Fell Makes A Crash Landing

They Fell From The Sky is making a crash landing in your LCS this week! Read what reviewers have to say about the first issue, discover an inside look at the creative process of the book, and if you haven’t already, tune in to the official They Fell From The Sky trailer!

Writer: Liezl Buenaventura Artist: Xavier Tárrega Colorist: DJ Chavis Letterer: Joamette Gil

Tommy Murphy is just an ordinary kid. He goes to school, hangs out with his friends, and fanboys over his favorite TV show. But when a chance encounter in the woods thrusts him into an unlikely friendship with an otherworldly creature, he is forced to navigate bullies, family squabbles, and tween woes… all while trying to prevent an interplanetary war!

Screen Rant
Screen Rant@screenrant
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“They Fell From the Sky #1 is a promising first issue from one of the industry's most interesting studios.”

- Evan Mullicane
The PullBox
The PullBox@ThePullbox
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“Liezl Buenaventura’s dialog is solid and fits both the time period and the age group." "The art by Xavier Tarrega fits the story perfectly! Depicting teen angst in a way that is both colorful and soulful can be a challenge.”

- Greg Streuly
Comical Opinions
Comical Opinions@ComicalOpinions
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“It’s solid, wholesome family fun that speaks to every bit of nostalgia that warms your heart from kid-centric alien adventure films of the 80’s onward.”

- Gabriel Hernandez
Click below to join us Inside the Cave and see the behind-the-scenes from writer Liezl Buenaventura, and artist Xavier Tarrega as they take you through their creative process for They Fell From The Sky!


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