Uncover The Underworld! Mad Cave Announces New Shared Universe

Celebrated writer Mark London brings worldbuilding to new heights with three new series, beginning with REVOLUTION 9

Immerse yourself in the Underworld, where covert ops, clandestine activities, and shadowy figures reign supreme!

Independent comic book publisher Mad Cave Studios is thrilled to announce the ambitious new project by its CEO and acclaimed author, Mark London (Battlecats, Hunt.Kill.Repeat., Honor & Curse), featuring a shared universe known as the UNDERWORLD, united by common themes of secrecy, intrigue, and danger.

Three new miniseries will launch in Fall 2024, each penned by London: REVOLUTION 9 in September, HOUR OF THE WOLF in October, and EXIT CITY in November. Each of these four-issue titles can be savored as a standalone serial—unique in aesthetic, characterization, and setting—while weaving an intricate web that subtly binds the three series together. These interconnected strands will then pull together in ENDLESS NIGHT, the must-read crossover scheduled for Summer 2025!

Cover Artists: Raymund Bermudez, Sebastian Cheng

Writer: Mark London – Artist: Carlos Reno
Colorist: Jão Canola – Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Release Date: September 25, 2024

Synopsis: After years as an assassin for the Order of Nine—an ancient order dating back almost 3,000 years—Velveteen has turned her back on the very organization that saved her. Tasked with the murder of otherwise innocent hacker Jasper Dean, she sets off to save his life and discover the terrible secret that marked him for death. With the entire Order after them, Velveteen and Jasper must escape their grasp and prevent them from toppling society as we know it. Revolution 9 is the first thrilling title in Underworld, an all-new universe created by Mark London (Hunt. Kill. Repeat., Battlecats, Knights of the Golden Sun). Each miniseries set within can be savored as a standalone serial, while serving as a stepping stone towards ENDLESS NIGHT, the must-read crossover guaranteed to blow your mind in 2025!


Author, Mark London
Mark London is the CEO & Creative Director of independent publisher Mad Cave Studios, as well as the author of multiple hit series including Battlecats, Wolvenheart, Honor & Curse, Knights of The Golden Sun. His central focus is to provide a compelling experience through action-driven storytelling and immense world building with the goal of giving readers more than just a comic.

Artist, Carlos Reno
Carlos Renato da Silva, or Carlos Reno, was born in 1974 in the city of Olimpia in the interior of Brazil. He is a self-taught comics artist who worked for several years with advertising illustrations and drawing classes. In 2012, he entered the comics pages in earnest and is now part of the team of artists managed by Prado’s Art & Design, owned by Joe Prado.


The threads of fate lead to a greater conspiracy! Tune into the forthcoming titles, Hour of the Wolf and Exit City in the lead-up to Endless Night, the must-read crossover event of 2025!

Cover Artists: Andrei Bressan & Adriano Lucas

Cover Artists: Karl Mostert & David Baron

Stay tuned to Mad Cave’s social media for exciting updates about the October and November entries into the Underworld universe—the time-traveling horror/action tale HOUR OF THE WOLF and the hardboiled sci-fi detective yarn EXIT CITY, respectively.

In the Underworld, alliances will be tested and long-buried secrets will be revealed… Don’t miss the edge-of-your-seat thrills with the debut title, REVOLUTION 9!

Revolution 9 #1 is set for release in comic shops on Sept. 25th.


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