Back To School

School is back in session

The seasons are changing, classes are starting, and we’re ready to kick the school year off to a great start! From librarian materials to fresh new prints of our evergreen titles, Needle & Thread and Nightmare in Savannah, we’ve got everything you need to prepare for the semester!

Ready to get this year’s reading list started? Check out our official Maverick Materials page for resources, workbooks, bookmarks, and more!

We’re getting into the school spirit here at Maverick! To celebrate the start of a new school year, we’ve got a peek at what your favorite Maverick characters carry with them in their day-to-day! Check it out below!

What's in Noah's bag?

  • Emergency sewing kit
    For those costume emergencies!
  • Sketchbook
    For times when design inspiration strikes!
  • English notebook
    Copious notes from Ms. French’s class–including her costume of the day.
  • A crumpled note from Hiroki
    Want a rematch. Pizza and video games tonight? -Hiroki
  • A hand-knit scarf
    Cute AND cozy. Noah is very proud of his handiwork.
  • Pencils and erasers
    For sketching on the go. And school work, of course.

What's in Alexa's bag?

  • Fairy Hunter’s Diary
    Handy dandy.
  • Sunflower Seeds
    For warding off fairies, of course.
  • Salt packets
    You can never be too prepared against the fae.
  • A copy of The Scarlet Letter
    Required reading. (She’s already read it at her old school, though.)
  • Bowman family photo
    Moving to a new place is never easy.
  • Homecoming Dance Flyer
    Who will Alexa decide to take to the Homecoming dance?

What's in Adrian's bag?

  • Romeo & Juliet Script
    He’ll get his lines right one of these days, he’s sure of it.
  • Portable tablet
    Schoolwork on the go!
  • A reusable water bottle
    Staying hydrated is important
  • Headphones
    For getting pumped before a big game!
  • Cleats
    Very important
  • Change of clothes
    For afterschool soccer practice!

What's in Sienna's bag?

  • A carefully packed lunch
    A lovingly packed sandwich to share with Hope
  • Art’s latest caricature
    It kind of looks like Sienna. Don’t tell Art she has this in her bag
  • Loose change
    Just enough to spend an afternoon at the arcade
  • Pencils and paper
    She packs extra just in case someone leaves theirs at home
  • Game Champ Nametag
    Decorated with one (1) Employee of the Month sticker
  • Boss Key Burger rewards card
    One stamp away from a free burger!

To make the new school year even sweeter, we’re giving away five copies of our upcoming original fantasy, In the Shadow of the Throne, by Kate Sheridan and Gaia Cardinali! For rules and more details, you can check out the official giveaway on our Goodreads!

Here’s to an amazing new year!


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