Beware of the Faes – Nightmare in Savannah Is Now In Stores

Beware of fairies. Or risk facing perilous consequences.

Fairies are menacing, petty, and vengeful beings who abduct human children and replace them with changelings who become dangerous as they grow. Alexa Bowman moves to Savannah from Chicago to live with her grandfather and finish high school. After they discover her parents’ criminal history, Alexa is mocked by some new classmates, but she is soon befriended by three other girls—Fae, Chloe, and Skye. A night out with her three new friends brings about mysterious physical and emotional changes for Alexa, and life in Savannah continues to get stranger and more menacing as time goes on. Can she discover the source of all this weirdness and put an end to it?

We are excited to announce that Nightmare in Savannah, our second Maverick title, is now available at your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, comic shop, Amazon, and more!

Every Maverick title including this one, tells a story of self discovery through overcoming hurdles that seem insurmountable. Author Lela Gwenn tells the story of Alexa Bowman, as she struggles with family drama she can’t seem to leave in the past, a new school, powers she can’t quite seem to control, and a new love she never saw coming!

“I’m so excited to get Nightmare in Savannah out in the world! Mad Cave was so supportive of this weird queer bent on the girl power anti hero story . I hope people will connect to our story of the horror of being a weird teen and how love and friendship can save us.” - Writer, Lela Gwenn

Synopsis: Alexa moves to Savannah to get away from her past. Too bad her past is a Google search away and her parent’s criminal acts quickly make her an outcast. Good thing Fae, Chloe, & Skye aren’t high on the social ladder and give Alexa a group to feel comfortable in. But after a long night of debauchery they transform into the town’s worst nightmare.
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Price: $17.99
ISBN: 978-1952303265

Writer: Lela Gwenn – Artist: Rowan MacColl – Letterer: Micah Myers – Editor: Chris Sanchez

Kirkus Reviews
Kirkus Reviews@KirkusReviews
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“The illustrations, primarily black-and-white art enhanced by a color palette of predominantly lilac and mulberry hues in both muted and high-contrast segments, suit the mystifying, eerie vibes of the book. “
Good Comics for Kids
Good Comics for Kids@GoodComics4Kids
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“A queer supernatural romance.”
Games Radar
Games Radar@Newsarama
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“Nightmare in Savannah summons the spirit of America's most haunted town to comics”
Soda and Telepaths
Soda and Telepaths@SodaTelepaths
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“Nightmare in Savannah is Delightfully Devilish.”

Nightmare In Savannah is now available. The graphic novel can be purchased at, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Comixology, Drive-thru comics, your local comic book shop or book store.


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