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Midnight Task Force is a sci-fi, cyberpunk comic created by Mark London. In the year 2055, Detroit is a nightmarish city plagued by violence and fueled by corruption. The story follows the most gifted detective in the city, Aiden McCormick, while he tries to solve a series of brutal murders that must remain hidden from the citizens of Detroit.

But Aiden has secrets of his own, secrets from a dark past that he carries with him everyday… Aiden suffers from schizophrenia and if anyone were to find out; he would be forced to give up more than just his badge and gun. Will Aiden be able to put a stop to these murders while maintaining a grip on his own reality?

Overall Midnight Task Force is a really cool comic with a gripping story which made me want to read the following issues and has an excellent main character who is both flawed yet still a good guy a heart.  

Harry Spencer, Geek Vibes Nation.

I would recommend picking up this issue… It’s refreshing and a way to take a little break from capes destroying buildings. It’s real and raw and leaves you wanting to know more about the story.

Brolie Gordon, Comic Book Corps.

The art is actually really good. Trying to go for a realistic human look with a style similar to Clayton Crain who notably did art and covers for Marvel’s relaunched X-force led by Wolverine. It fits this futuristic setting with the colors and full figured drawing, not just having flat characters drawn well…

James Portis, Shoot The Breeze Comics

Midnight Task Force

Detroit, 2055. A nightmarish city plagued by violence and fueled by corruption. Follow Aiden McCormick—Detroit’s most gifted detective—as he tries to solve a series of brutal murders while keeping the dark secrets of his past hidden…

Aiden Mccormick Midnight Task Force comic

Detective Aiden McCormick

Angry. Broken. Flawed. Detective Aiden McCormick may recognize crime but knows evil. He wades through a bleak, futuristic Detroit with the same cynicism that plagues everyone in the city. He feels compelled to do what’s right even when it means doing what’s wrong. Yet, beyond his skill lies demons, a heightened sense of mental anguish that tortures him. The complexities surrounding Aiden may prove to be his undoing…

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Mark London

Mark London


Creator and writer of Midnight Task Force. He has been writing scripts for years and had dreams of making them a reality. Mark London writes with one focus in mind: to provide a unique comic book experience through dynamic storytelling and epic world building.

Alejandro Giraldo

Alejandro Giraldo


Alejandro studied graphic design but his true passion has always been illustration. He has been doing digital illustration for over eight years, and he started by drawing covers for comic books in Bogota. You can find tutorial and tips for illustration in his YouTube channel. He currently work for Mad Cave Studios as a lead artist.

…it’s a dystopian future, so that’s always a fun setting to explore. But, this book deals with dark situations you would not necessarily face in your everyday life. This is an opportunity for me to “let loose” (a bit) with certain themes and push the envelope. Also, exploring different futuristic settings and all the different gadgets, cars, etc., again, all coming from Alejandro who is a master at this. With Midnight Task Force, when I put the proverbial “pen to page” I know I don’t have to hold back. There are no limits

Mark London, PREVIEWSworld Interview