Friendship Is The Spice Of Life! Maverick Announces Voyage De Gourmet!

Maverick and Mad Cave Studios are pleased to announce Voyage de Gourmet, an original graphic novel from writer Paul Tobin, Illustrated by Jem Milton, and lettered by Micah Myers publishing December 12, 2023!

Former BFFs Jiang-Mi and Layne have lofty culinary dreams, but after an embarrassing video becomes the talk of the school, the two go their separate ways. When Jiang-Mi lands a coveted spot on the reality TV show Voyage de Gourmet–a globetrotting culinary competition–she has to take Layne as her partner. While traveling the globe and cooking their hearts out, the two must come together to best some of the top chefs in the world. Will this cooking competition relight the fire in their friendship–or will they find their recipe simply not worth the effort?

Writer: Paul Tobin – Illustrator: Jem Milton – Letterer: Micah Myers
Release Date: December 12th, 2023

Synopsis: Layne Green is a social media sensation of a cook. He’s selected to compete on a reality TV show called Voyage de Gourmet – a globe-trotting foodie adventure. However, his partner is his former best friend, Jiang-Mi Pipper, someone that he really wronged with some of his posts. Can the two find forgiveness, flavor, and themselves on this journey?


Paul Tobin, Writer
Paul Tobin is a New York Times-bestselling author. His writing includes Bandette; Colder; and many other comic books, graphic series and works of fiction. ‘Bandette,’ drawn by Colleen Coover, was awarded the Eisner Award for Best Digital Series in 2013; again in 2016; and was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award for Graphic Literature in 2016. Paul’s graphic novel ‘I Was the Cat,’ created with artist Benjamin Dewey, was nominated for an Eisner in 2015.

“Writing Voyage de Gourmet set me off on my own journey! I’ve always been fascinated by both food, and by characters, and this was a chance to truly combine the two. And the thing I most learned is that food–like relationships–is both universal, and very personal. There’s a whole world of culture out there. Go taste it!” –Paul Tobin

Jem Milton, Illustrator
Jem Milton is a non-binary artist based in Glasgow. Originally from Gloucestershire, they attended Central St Martins in London before training with Scriberia Ltd, where they worked until 2017, before moving to Scotland to pursue a career as a freelance illustrator.
Jem makes illustrations, comics and infographics, along with graphic recording and running workshops on creative thinking and visual storytelling. They also make an ongoing webcomic called “The Flying Ship,” a queer fantasy adventure story inspired by Russian and Slavic folklore.

“Voyage De Gourmet is a colourful, fun-filled romp around the globe, filled with amazing food and loveable characters. Bon Appetite!” –Jem Milton


Voyage De Gourmet is now available for pre-order on the official Maverick website, and will be available at your favorite bookstore, local comic shop, and digital comic reader on December 12th, 2023!


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