Midnight Task Force Artist: Alejandro Giraldo Creator Spotlight

Chris Fernandez: Alejandro, your art style is very distinct and unique. What influenced your work?

Alejandro Giraldo: Well, Stjepan Sejic is one my biggest influences. I especially love his work in Ravine, First Borne, Witchblade, Aphrodite IX. Also, I really admire Clayton Crain and what he did with characters like Rai and Carnage. The level of detail that both Sejic and Crain achieve is next level.

I’m also a big gamer and franchises like Castlevania, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Mass Effect, and Deus Ex have impacted my style greatly.

CF: So what is the process for creating this distinct style you’ve developed?

AG: Well, first I start out by reading over the script a couple of times from a fan’s point of view. Then, I start thinking about the layout of each page, the camera angles I want to use, the panel design, and composition. Once I’ve established the layouts, I begin to sketch. In the case of Midnight Task Force, I go straight to color from sketch because of the books unique visual style. I am currently working on another unannounced project where I use a more traditional process.

CF: What is your favorite part about comics and why are they so important to you?

AG: Well, it’s hard for me to choose, so I have to cheat and say there are two things I love about the creative process. First is the layout, because I get to visualize and interpret the script which is where begins to take form. The second is the sketch, here is where all of the technical aspects like perspective, anatomy, and facial expressions begin to take shape. While it is one of the most difficult processes, it is also the most gratifying because every minute that passes while I’m working on a sketch makes me a better artist. And at the end of the day, practice is what makes you better.

CF: Tell me something about your life outside of work? Family? Pets? Other interests?

AG: There’s not much to tell. I recently adopted a dog which is great because he forces me to go outside and walk him around the park a few times a day. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m big fan of videos games, particularly the Dark Souls series. So, basically, my weekends are for video games, drawing, and my girlfriend.

Make sure to check out Midnight Task Force #1 at you local comic shop on July 11th.

Alejandro Giraldo

Alejandro Giraldo studied graphic design, but his true passion has always been illustration. He has been doing digital illustration for over eight years, and he started by drawing covers for comic books in Bogota. You can find tutorials and tips for illustration on his YouTube channel. He currently works for Mad Cave Studios as a lead artist. See more of Alejandro’s amazing art here.

Alejandro Giraldo - Midnight Task Force Artist

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