The Launch Of Maverick

The time has come! The fashionable, well stitched tale, Needle & Thread is now available, launching the Maverick imprint with a bright and encouraging story about self discovery!

Maverick is bringing engaging and authentic coming-of-age stories, where one can find themselves within the pages. Stories for those who think differently, who aren’t afraid to be independent, who find freedom in the unexpected, and fight for who they truly are.

Each story is widely different from the other. One is a sports drama, the other is a modern, gothic fairy tale, and the other is a story about being nerds. Each of these titles have one underlying theme in common, which is accepting yourself and being unapologetic for it. It’s about finding those people with whom you feel at home—whether those people are teammates or cosplayers or fellow faeries.

Writer: David PinckneyArtist: Ennun Ana IurovLetterer: Micah MyersEditor: Chris Sanchez

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"A charming effort with a positive message about being true to oneself."
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"A bright, encouraging story about the resilience of friendship and learning to stand up for one's self."
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"A fashionable, well-stitched tale."

“With each story coming straight from the heart of their creators, our hope is that Maverick becomes a place where one can find stories that mirror their own, and understand they’re not alone when facing these struggles.”
– Chris Sanchez, Editor in Chief

“Maverick is a line of original, hilarious, and heartbreaking young adult stories intended to spark a sense of awe about human relationships. The feeling of cracking open a story and finding not only your friends but also yourself within the pages is what Maverick intends to achieve. Maverick will be known for producing ‘not your typical’ young adult books and will directly reflect the life experiences of its young readers for years to come.”
– Mark London, CEO/COO

Join in on the excitement, and deep dive with creators and the community by streaming our Needle & Thread release day party! Hear artist Ennun Ana Iurov and author David Pinckney answer insightful questions from our amazing Transmissions from The Cave host Saige Ryan via or Youtube !⁣


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