Battlecats #5 (End of Arc) Don’t Miss the Epic Conclusion!

Face to Face with King Eramad III

Hello again, Cave Dwellers. A New Mad Cave comic book is here. But this isn’t just any issue, this issue marks the end of the first Battlecats arc: The Hunt for the Dire Beast!

Upon the arrival of the Battlecats in Stormholt City from the haunted region of La Marque, they are greeted by a furious King Eramad III. After a heated exchange between King Eramad III and Kelthan, the truth about their quest to slay the Dire Beast is revealed in a suspenseful story of shame and betrayal. Meanwhile, in the Blood Canyons, Valadar and Myrthalen have gathered their army and, along with his Darkats, have already begun to lay the groundwork for a revolution in Valderia. Their goal…to overthrow the Eramad Dynasty and push Valderia closer to its one true nature: war.

“All I can say is that Battlecats builds. It’s an emotionally-charged, action-packed adventure enveloped by a captivating medieval fantasy setting that constantly grows both in size and appeal. It offers something for every comic book reader —from fantasy fans to overall indie lovers, from the avid comics lector to the more passive ones. Our desire is to submerge each Battlecats reader into Valderia’s rich environment and experience this world through their eyes.” said London. (read the full interview at PREVIEWSworld)

Written by Mark London and Illustrated by Michael Camelo.

Therefore, make sure to visit your #LCS and pick up a copy of Battlecats issue 5!

Battlecats #5

Publication Date: June 25, 2018
Diamond: APR181651
Rated: Teen+

END OF ARC. The Battlecats face a difficult decision, one that directly contradicts the orders of King Eramad III. Meanwhile, the seeds for an evil uprising in Valderia have been planted. What does fate have in store for Valderia? What will become of our heroes?

Battlecats 5 Cover


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