Lower Your Sights: Voices of Children x Mad Cave Studios

Mad Cave Studios and Voices Of Children are teaming up to publish Lower Your Sights, a graphic novel anthology/art book, to raise awareness and proceeds for children impacted by war. All earnings from the book’s sales are going directly to the Voices of Children foundation.

Comic creators and pin-up artists worldwide are invited to tell stories that focus on the consequences of war, the peace/relief effort, and the resulting long-term ripple effect. These are tales about the human condition and how combat affects soldiers, family members, friends, students, doctors, politicians, and allies from afar.

Along with art from Tanya Vovk, Author of Illustrations and Director of Inspiration at Voices Of Children, the graphic novel features illustrations and write-ups from numerous Ukrainian artists including but limited to Inna Vjuzhanina, Mari Kinovych, Yev Haidamaka, and others.

If you’re a creator interested in donating your talents, you may click here to fill out the submission form. (Submissions open until May 1st.)

“For the past few months, after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the foundation has been working non-stop: helping injured children and families from all over the country, providing temporary psychological assistance, assisting in the evacuation of people, providing supplies for relocations, and providing assistance with settlements. When Mad Cave shared this idea of publishing a graphic novel with Tanya Vovk, right away we were ready to take the next steps.”
Lena Rozvadovska, Co-founder and CEO of Voices of Children

“As an American based publisher, our team has been collectively looking into the best way that we may provide aid to those affected by the consequences of this war.”
Mark London, Mad Cave Studios

“What Voices Of Children is doing and providing for these families and children is admirable and necessary. We want to do our best to empower Voices of Children, and get supplies to those who need them most.”
Allison Pond, Mad Cave Studios

Meet seven-year-old illustrator Tatiana (Tanya) Vovk; the Author of illustrations and Director of Inspiration for Voices of Children:

Q: How do you get such cool ideas for illustrations and drawings?
A: Cool ideas come because I see such a world: what the sea looks like, beautiful trees with swings and colorful flowers. And I paint such outfits, because I saw such lush, interesting peacocks, and I took those colorful outfits from them and painted. In general, somehow I wanted to have fun in drawing the world, so I paint everything very bright.

Q: Why do you draw for the Voices of Children foundation?
A: I want all people to see the stories of children in the war and help them.

Q: What should be done to make children live better in Ukraine?
A: We should support other children, those who are not well. You can send them something, but it must be done. Not everyone has a mom and a dad.

Q: What are you dreaming of?
A: I have such an interesting dream that buses and cars could fly, it would not be scary at all – to see the world from such a height with birds, it would still be possible to immediately climb home from a bus through the window without an elevator or stairs. I am dreaming that this peace came and the children did not suffer.

Q: What inspires you?
A: I am inspired by my sister, who is cheerful. She raises my spirits up and I work, as well as my mother who loves me so much.

If you are a creator that feels passionately about contributing and getting involved in this project, you may send in your submissions through this link HERE.

Voices Of Children: None of a child may be left alone with a war trauma. This is our mission. With your help, we give psychological and psychosocial support to children who suffered as a result of war operations. It helps them to win the consequences of the war and develop themselves. We also help families to cope with everyday difficulties, treatment and rehabilitation of children, giving individual support. To give children a voice we create video content, and we are also engaged in promoting children rights in order to change the children’s rights protection system in the country. Our objective is that every child who has suffered from the war in Ukraine must get psychological help in time. Our values: respect for a child’s dignity and rights; understanding of the needs of every child to be heard; faith in getting the best results only with the help of partnership and mutual aid. We are working in various villages and towns along the frontline in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Mad Cave Studios: Mad Cave is an independent publisher founded in 2014 focused on creating worldwide entertainment in the horror, sci-fi, action-adventure, crime, and fantasy spaces. Mad Cave works with international creators to develop masterfully illustrated pages with a focus on character-driven storytelling. Mad Cave guarantees purpose-driven stories with a fresh take on an array of genres with characters who face insurmountable odds.

If you are a creator that feels passionately about contributing and getting involved in this project, you may send in your submissions through this link HERE.


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