Mad Cave & Diamond: A Match Made in Madness!

Mad Cave Studios debuts in the December PREVIEWS

Mad Cave Studios proudly announces its partnership with the world’s largest comic book distributor, Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. Beginning with a featured presence in the December edition of Previews. Available first will be our flagship title: Battlecats #1 (DEC 171694).

Regarding this new venture, CEO/CCO Mark London says, “We are beyond excited to be working with Diamond as we bring our comics to the direct market. We look forward to having retailers and readers alike discover the Mad Cave experience with Battlecats…” Furthermore he says, “Mad Cave Studios, Inc. is not a one-man operation. Mad Cave is, really, a group of talented artists and designers whose skills breathe life into every issue. With Battlecats, specifically, it was Alejandro Giraldo’s coloring technique that established the vibrant color palettes Valderia.”

In addition PREVIEWSworld’s Vince Brusio says, “New publisher Mad Cave Studios debuts in the December PREVIEWS catalog with a limited series that should be received warmly by those who grew up on anthropomorphic comic books. Take that sort of fandom, add it to an algorithm that would include King Arthur and Thundercats as variables, and you’ll come out the other end with a new book that looks like Battlecats #1… In this interview, Mark reveals that what started out as a comic book quickly turned into an encyclopedic-sized concept that had him world building like a mad god jacked-up on D&&D and energy drinks. It’s a recipe for creativity that could be used quite frequently.” (Read the full interview at PREVIEWSworld)

A Comic Book Publisher

Established in 2014, Mad Cave Studios is an independent comic book publisher from Miami, Florida driven by madness to create uniquely compelling and diverse comics. Pick up any MAD CAVE comic book and the first thing you will notice is quality. Why? Because we consistently strive to bring our fans (Cave Dwellers) the comics enjoyment they deserve. Through visually-stunning art and epic storylines, our mission is clear: offering a comics alternative across multiple genres that engages, entertains, and makes readers think. Author Mark London (Battlecats, Midnight Task Force, Knights of the Golden Sun) consistently makes every title feel different from the next, touching upon a variety of themes while remaining faithful to the MADNESS!

Furthermore, our passion for creating comics is unquestionable. Our commitment towards maddening creativity undeniable. Therefore, we here at Mad Cave feel confident that our books will provide the high-quality entertainment eagerly sought after by today’s comic book reading audience. Mad Cave is not just a publisher; it’s an experience. An experience where you, our Cave Dwellers, always come first. Whatever the genre or title, all you need to do is peer into the Mad Cave #ComicsWithaMadTwist


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