Mad Cave Shop Talk: Earthworld Comics

Welcome to this edition of Shop Talk, where we delve into the heart of comic culture by spotlighting the vibrant personalities and innovative approaches of various comic shops in North America as part of our Mad Cave Store of The Month initiative! In this installment, Ana Escalera sits down with legacy owner of Earthworld Comics, Nick Glindmyer and family to explore the origins, mission, and future aspirations of their 40+ years beloved establishment.

Owner: Nick Glindmyer

Q: Where did the name of your store originate from?

Nick: My father bought the business a few years after the shop opened, and didn’t really like the name. It’s a bit redundant but at this point, it seems crazy to have anything OTHER than Earthworld as the shop name.

Q: How did Earthworld Comics come to be in business, and how many years have you operated?

Nick: Earthworld opened in 1983 and by the time my father took over, the store was in pretty significant debt. Luckily, it was the 80’s and there was a bit more wiggle room with credit and debt. When the distributors came looking for their money, Pops handed them an envelope with some of the cash and a letter explaining how he’d just taken over and had full intentions of paying, but needed time. We’re incredibly proud of how he was able to not only do it his way, but also the sense of community he created.

Q: What does your store specialize in?

We specialize in having the most comprehensive selection of new comics, as well as back issues. Pops was a smart guy and always ordered enough to have the best damned back issue selection in the area. Right now we’re pushing 800 long boxes and we’re always looking for room to stash more books!

Q: What store achievements are you most proud of?

Nick: There have been so many, we’ve been very fortunate to be in a position where we can give back to the community that has kept us thriving for over 40 years. We sent over a thousand comics to the troops overseas in 2012, and that was so great. More recently, our partnerships with local charities has been super rewarding, being able to fundraise for them on our biggest day of the year, Free Comic Book Day has resulted in huge numbers for them, donation wise.

Q: What do you hope Earthworld Comics provides to your community, and what is your approach to providing the best experience to your community of fans?

Nick: Our biggest thing has always been our shop being people’s “safe place”. It wasn’t always cool to admit you read comics, or maybe you just didn’t have friends that read comics, so coming to the shop was the place that for a half hour, you could talk about the stuff you love, with the passion that it deserves, with people who have that same love! We’ve always carried tons of alt/indie/underground/lgbtqia+ books, so our customer base is super diverse and we wouldn’t have it any other way!
My main goal is not trying to “yuck anyone’s yum”, too often shop employees can get elitist or snobby about books that aren’t for them, when in reality THAT IS THE BEST PART OF COMICS! Not every comic needs to be for every reader and that’s okay! My favorite thing is being able to find someone’s “hook” into what makes a perfect book for them, and seeing them get sucked into a fantastic new story.

Q: What is the legacy and future of Earthworld Comics?

Nick: I think the legacy of the shop is what my dad always wanted it to be. A place where everyone can go to get their funnybooks and have a place to hang out.

Jordan: The legacy is what Nick and the team are directly contributing to every day by keeping the doors open. This was my dad’s life, his joy, and we all got to live it with him as a family business. It was always his dream to have Nick at the helm in the future, and I wish he were here to experience Nick as a leader and a business person. I think we’re actively creating the future of Earthworld now, modernizing what needed a little freshening up, keeping the most important core parts of Earthworld the same. We all have children ourselves, and we are trying to set Earthworld up for success for them to take over in the next 30 years.

Q: As a member of the industry, what do you hope to see for the future of comic book stores everywhere?

Nick: Seeing every kid come in with their parents, excited about new books coming out that week. Too often retailers gripe that kids aren’t reading comics, you just need to find the book that’s right for them!

Jordan: One thing that my dad always stressed was that there is a comic for everyone, so I hope parents especially see the value in the art and literature that comic books can provide to their kids. It’s also a great bonding experience for families, so I hope to continue to see generations coming through our doors.

Q: What are your best-selling Mad Cave, Maverick, or Papercutz titles?

Nick: It’s probably A Legacy Of Violence, Cullen Bunn always draws eyes on his titles.

Q: What are your Mad Cave, Maverick, or Papercutz recommendations?

Nick: Exorcists Never Die!- Steve Orlando does it again with awesome storytelling about two exorcists who used to date and aren’t on the best of terms have to fight their way from the top, to the bottom of a huge skyscraper, fighting demons, real and their own!

Jane: Don’t Spit in the Wind, the vibrant art sucked me in, but the sick creative story kept me around!

Justin: The Devil That Wears My Face-The actual Devil possesses a priest’s body, gorgeous art and loss of faith issues lead this fun, scary book!

You’ve Been Cancelled- In a world where bounty hunters kill and live stream those who have been cancelled by society, we follow the one bounty hunter who has finally been ”cancelled”. YBC is a fun satire of cancel-culture with great art and an interesting story for this day and age.

Andrew: Monomyth- David Hazen spins a tale of a magical school in disarray. This mini series with artist Cecilia Lo Valvo does a lot of world building and creates a dark and engaging story you will have trouble putting down

Hot Topic Weigh-in

Q: Favorite genre and why?

We’re big fans of Crime Noir books,super spooky horror, kooky fantasy comics and fun sci fi stories!

Make up your own! Whatever fun hot-topic conversations you’ve been having with your customers are always good ideas:

Justin had a great one “Daredevil should be called Batman since he’s blind and uses sonar just like a…BAT, and Ghost RIder should be called Daredevil” and I really can’t argue that logic

In Memory Of

Charles “JC” Glindmyer

“If you can’t get a life, get a comic.”

It’s been a year since you left us, and the comic shop you built from dreams and ink still stands tall. The shelves sag under the weight of nostalgia, and the air hums with whispered tales of heroes and villains. You were the architect of this haven and for that we feel both the honor and the weight of your legacy.
You had a gift, Dad—a knack for connecting with everyone who walked through that creaky door. The kid with wide eyes, clutching a crumpled dollar bill, seeking solace in Spider-Man’s web. The grizzled collector, haggling over a rare first edition. You listened, laughed, and shared stories. Nick has inherited that warmth. He listens to their stories, recommends titles, and shares a laugh or two. The comic shop isn’t just a business; it’s a community, a sanctuary where tales unfold, friendships bloom,and hearts heal. Here’s to another 40 years.

Laura, Nick, Jordan and Taylor Glindmyer

Photo of “family crest” tattoos

537 Central Avenue Albany, New York 12206


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