Mad Cave Studios Announces 2021 Talent Search Winners

Mad Cave Studios’ 4th Annual Talent Search Concludes!

With a commitment to producing quality stories from a diverse background of creators, the Mad Cave Studios Talent Search is designed to discover upcoming talent that will help contribute to a growing library of titles, and give artists a platform. After digging through every fantastic submission, the editorial team has led the search for fresh voices and secured a talented group of four artists and four writers!

We received a wealth of submissions from many talented creators and regrettably could only select a few to help usher in the next phase of Mad Cave. The Mad Cave Studios Talent Search has created a supportive community of dedicated comic book lovers that leaves us feeling excited for the future of the medium, and we want to thank each creator who put everything they have into their respective submission.

Each of the winners selected for the Mad Cave Studios Talent Search, showcase an undeniable talent bringing fresh style and techniques to the table. We believe each creator selected embodies our MAD ethos.

Now, enough talk! Lets meet the winners of this year’s Mad Cave Studios Talent Search!

Mad Cave Studios: is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded by Mark London in 2014 driven by madness and committed to quality.


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