Mad Cave Studios is going to Emerald City Comic Con!

We’re blasting off and joining everyone at Emerald City Comic Con 2022! From August 18th through the 21st, make sure to stop by Booth #2001 and say hello to the team!

Get ready to descend into madness, with an early peek at our upcoming fall titles, A Legacy of Violence and Nature’s Labyrinth, with our Con Exclusive Variants by Joseph Schmalke and Natasha Alterici.

Check out the chilling trailer for A Legacy of Violence below!

We’ll also be stocked with the Mad Cave Legacy Battlecats Con Exclusive Variant by Dan Panosian, and our Mad Cave exclusive, the limited-edition Nottingham hardcover edition, with bookplates signed by Shane Connery Volk and David Hazan!

We invite you to Find Yourself Within The Pages with our young adult imprint, Maverick.
Maverick dedicates these heartfelt tales to those who think differently. To those who find freedom in the unexpected. To those fighting for who they truly are. To those who are not afraid to be independent.

When you buy the first 3 Maverick titles in our imprint (Needle & Thread, Nightmare in Savannah, and World Class), you’ll get the fourth one (Good Game, Well Played) for free! (offer exclusive to this event).

For those curious to learn the scoop on the best-kept industry secrets and digital marketing, stop by SCC 303 on Thursday, August 18th to hear our VP of Business Development, Mark Irwin, share some tips with other industry experts!

You can find more details about this panel here!

Tabletop gamers rejoice! Those looking to snag a copy of The Last Session, by Jasmine Walls, this year at Emerald City will also receive a special dice set to go along with it. Finally, you can Roll for Initiative in style!


A Legacy of Violence
Con-Exclusive Variant by Joseph Schmalke
Author: Cullen Bunn – Artist: Andrea Mutti –  Letterer: Rus Wooton

Synopsis: A Legacy of Violence follows Dr. Nick Shaw; an honest doctor just trying to help people. But one day, when a patient gets out of control, Nick suddenly begins recalling past memories he had kept hidden away. Find out what Nick has been repressing all these years and why, in the all-new, horror maxi-series!

Nature’s Labyrinth
Con-Exclusive Variant by Natasha Alterici
Author: Zac Thompson – Artist: Bayliegh Underwood – Colorist: Warnia Sahadewa – Letterer: Rus Wooton

Synopsis: In the middle of the ocean lies a remote island complex lined with traps and an ever-changing landscape. The island was designed by a mysterious man known only as “Ahab” to test the will of the world’s most notorious criminals. Eight violent felons fight to the death over three days of relentless action in a Battle Royale-style game.

MCS Legacy: Battlecats #1
Con-Exclusive Variant by Dan Panosian
Author: Mark London – Artist: Michael Camelo – Colorist: Tekino – Letterer: Miguel Angel Zapata

Synopsis: Follow the reimagined Battlecats as they undertake a perilous quest through different regions in pursuit of The Dire Beast while unearthing dark secrets, and even darker enemies. Valderia and the Battlecats will never be the same.
We’ve got a stacked season ahead, with SPX and NYCC just around the corner! You can check out our latest con lineup below:

To learn more about our con exclusives, along with where you can find us, you can check out our Emerald City Comic Con Exhibitor Page! We can’t wait to see you there!


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