New in Previews – April 2024

Action-packed thrills await! Summer is almost here, and we’re ready to kick things off with a slate of brand-new series! From the highly-anticipated debut of Gatchaman, to the wild sci-fi adventure Galaxy of Madness, we’re excited to share the hottest new story arcs hitting shelves June!

We’ve got the latest look at the Mad Cave goodness coming to your favorite local comic shop soon! Check it out below!

Writer: Cullen Bunn – Artist: Chris Batista
Colorist: Carlos Lopez – Letterer: Buddy Beaudoin
Cover Artist: Inaki Miranda
Release Date: June 26th, 2024
Diamond Code: APR241616
Lunar Code: 0424MA435

Synopsis: The triumphant return of Gatchaman, the iconic Japanese animated franchise of a five-member, bird-themed superhero team, known to Western audiences as Battle of the Planets!
A mechanical terror has descended upon numerous cities and the world’s greatest scientists are disappearing. Our only hope: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman! As they battle these machinations from the international terrorist organization known as Galactor, their strength, willpower, and even vehicles are pushed to the absolute limit. If they fail…who’s waiting in the wings to take their place? The first exciting issue in an ongoing series that expands upon the original anime series!

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 26th, 2024
Release Date: June 26th, 2024

Cover Artist: Tommy Lee Edwards
Diamond Code: APR241622
Lunar Code: 0424MA441

Cover Artist: Chris Batista
Diamond Code: APR241623
Lunar Code: 0424MA442

Writer: Tommy Lee Edwards – Artist: Mindy Lee
Colorist: Giada Marchisio – Letterer: John Workman

Synopsis: Ken goes undercover to infiltrate an underground gambling ring where martial artists from around the globe fight to the death. There, the winners are captured and brought to a secret Galactor recruiting base. If they refuse to join, the captives are dropped in the jungle and hunted as prey for Galactor’s training program. Can anyone make it out alive? The first in a series of self-contained one-shots that each focus on a separate member of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman!

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 26th, 2024
Release Date: June 26th, 2024

Cover Artist: Arjuna Susini
Diamond Code: MAR241771
Lunar Code: 0324MA372

Cover Artist: Jessica Fong
Diamond Code: MAR241772
Lunar Code: 0324MA373

Writer: Paul Tobin – Artist: Arjuna Susini
Colorist: Pippa Bowland – Letterer: Charles Pritchett

Synopsis: Something is wrong in the deep forests of Broke Tree Valley. Something deadly. Something mammoth. The legends speak of something larger than human comprehension…A monstrous phantom that disappears for decades at a time. Now, it’s back, and things are about to go Very Bad if four people—Olivia, Jess, Kokoro, and Mason, scientists who have come to the small city of Kasbro to investigate a bizarre series of seismic activities in this heavily forested valley—can’t put the Mammoth to rest. One real problem with this is…Olivia’s dead.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 5th, 2024
Release Date: June 5th, 2024

Cover Artist: Michael Avon Oeming & Taki Soma
Diamond Code: MAR241773
Lunar Code: 0424MA433

Cover Artist: Paulina Ganucheau
Diamond Code: MAR241774
Lunar Code: 0424MA434

Writer: Magdalene Visaggio – Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Colorist: Taki Soma – Letterer: Morgan Martinez

Synopsis: In the far-flung thrilling future of the 41st Century, and on the other side of the galaxy, a swashbuckling space archaeologist, Vigil Virgo, is on the cusp of learning a universe-shattering secret in this four-color fantasy! But she’ll have to dive into the abyss, where no human was ever meant to go, to do it. The question is what happens when she emerges from the other side.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 19th, 2024
Release Date: June 19th, 2024

Cover Artist: Scott Chantler
ISBN: 9781545800812
Diamond Code: APR241615
Lunar Code: 0424MA429

Writers: Stan Lee, Bob Harras, Michael Higgins
Artists: Alex Saviuk, Fred Fredericks

Synopsis: The legendary cult classic mini-series is collected for the first time!

Sci-fi legend Flash Gordon must team up with the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, and the super-strong Lothar to defend planet Earth against the dark forces of Ming the Merciless. Luckily, they’ll get some help from the next generation of heroes: their children! Collects issues 1-4 of the original 1987 run from Star Comics.

SRP: $9.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 19th, 2024
Release Date: June 19th, 2024

Cover Artist: Maan House
Diamond Code: APR241635
Lunar Code: 0424MA428

Writer: Anthony Cleveland – Artist: Andrea Mutti
Letterer: Taylor Esposito

The conclusion to Charred Remains has arrived…and so has the storm. Vic and Amy set out to use the raging hurricane to their advantage. Together they devise a plan to finally drown the Fire Man’s flame. But first, they must retrieve the remaining candle from the Chief, who is well-prepared to burn to keep them from extinguishing the Fire Man…

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 5th, 2024
Release Date: June 5th, 2024

Cover Artist: Geraldo Borges
Diamond Code: APR241624
Lunar Code: 0424MA430

Cover Artist: Brent Schoonover
Diamond Code: APR241625
Lunar Code: 0424MA431

Writer: Alex Segura & Michael Moreci – Artist: Geraldo Borges
Colorist: Mark Englert – Letterer: Jim Campbell
Creative Consultant: Chantelle Aimée Osman

Synopsis: Dick Tracy, the iconic, yellow-clad detective, returns in a must-read noir reimagining from writers Alex Segura and Michael Moreci and artist Geraldo Borges. As the City reels from the events at the Green Eye Diner, Dick Tracy must try and piece together the clues to not only discover the gunman behind the slaughter – but the man who gave the order. Who could the new player be? And how does intrepid reporter Tess Truehart fit in? A gritty, hardboiled tale that honors everything fans love about Dick Tracy–with an unforgettable twist.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 12th, 2024
Release Date: June 12th, 2024

Diamond Code: APR241636
Lunar Code: 0424MA446

Writer: DB Andry & Tim Daniel – Artist: Marco Finnegan
Colorist: Jason Wordie – Letterer: Justin Birch

Synopsis: Marabeth Garrett has left the trail and lost her way in search of her still missing brother, Charlie. What finds her in the Kootenai Forest drives her deeper into fear and further from her mother into the unforgiving Montana wilderness. Jolene’s fruitless search for her son Charlie continues but her path is lit by powerful memories of her deceased husband’s love.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 12th, 2024
Release Date: June 12th, 2024

Cover Artist: Marco Rudy
Diamond Code: APR241637
Lunar Code: 0424MA451

Writer: Gary Moloney – Artist: Daniel Romero
Letterer: Becca Carey

Synopsis: Thanks to Boru’s meddling, Meabh finds herself committed to a duel with Darius for the fate of her inn. For most people, challenging Darius – the greatest hero of the Adventurers’ Guild – would be a fool’s errand. But Meabh of Cklonia is not most people and is ready to prove she’s more than what the Guild made her.

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 19th, 2024
Release Date: June 19th, 2024

Cover Artist: Shane Connery Volk & Luca Romano
Diamond Code: APR241632
Lunar Code: 0424MA447

Cover Artist: Shane Connery Volk
Diamond Code: APR241633
Lunar Code: 0424MA448

Writer: David Hazan – Artist: Shane Connery Volk
Colorist: Luca Romano – Letterer: Justin Birch

Synopsis: Trial by Combat. The Siege of Nottingham begins in the wake of a gruesome death at the heart of the castle. The Sheriff fights for the life of an old enemy as Marian’s control over the city falters. Issue 12 of 15. The thrilling final arc! Issue 11 of 15. The thrilling final arc!

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 26th, 2024
Release Date: June 26th, 2024

Cover Artist: Dan Panosian
Diamond Code: APR241634
Lunar Code: 0424MA450

Writer: Ray Fawkes – Artist: Antonio Fuso
Letterer: Emilio Lecce

Synopsis: While Detective Dimitrovich digs further into the shocking murders, uncovering links to the black market, Detective Smirnoff faces pressure from higher up to close the case immediately. Meanwhile, the killer strikes very close to home…

SRP: $4.99
Final Order Cutoff: May 26th, 2024
Release Date: June 26th, 2024

ISBN: 9781952303579
Diamond Code: APR241638
Lunar Code: 0424MA449

Writers: Birdie Willis, Nicole Andelfinger
Artist: Vash Taylor, Fiona Marchbank, Linden Cahill, Eva Cabrera, Rowan MacColl, Laurent Reis
Letterer: Saida Tomafonte

Synopsis: An all-new YA graphic novel from Maverick! Teenage writer Brie Page gets magically transported to the world of stories, but no matter how far she goes, she can’t seem to escape from the drama of her life.
In the small town of Holden, sixteen-year-old Brie Page has been struggling with a tremendous bout of writer’s block. And that’s a problem. One of many she has, actually. Parents that constantly fight, her former best friend/current bully Viv Kinsley, and the gorgeous new girl Kay Ardiger are causing a bit of stress. Brie used to hide from it all in her own worlds and stories, but that seems so far away now. Until an unexpected encounter with a mischievous bookseller, Ambrose Chance, gives Brie the extraordinary ability to go beyond her problems in life and bury them deep into three new stories. Too bad the whole town of Holden had to get caught up in it too when her stories come to life. Now, when the most important people in her life are stuck in fantastical tales, Brie needs to save them by diving into her worlds and facing her worries head-on. Which would be fine…if only she was better at writing endings.

SRP: $14.99
Release Date: June 26th, 2024

Which titles will you be adding to your pull list at your favorite local comic shop? Don’t forget to shout us out at @madcavestudios on Twitter and Instagram, or drop into our Discord to chat, and let us know!


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