The Legendary Lynx | Pre-Order

Alex Segura

Sandy Jarrell

Publication Date: November 13, 2024
ISBN: 9781545814000
Format: Paperback Graphic Novel | Page Count: 112
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The influential street-level superhero saga is available again for the first time in 50 years – remastered and featuring essential bonus material!

Welcome to Triumph City. A city plagued by corruption and crime, where every alleyway and dark corner holds a deadly secret. The lone figure, standing against the onslaught of crime, is a savvy crimefighter known as the Lynx – sworn to protect the city that forged her.
By day, she’s Claudia Calla, a quiet secretary at Triumph City’s biggest paper. A woman haunted by a dark tragedy that has pushed her toward taking on the mantle of the Lynx – to prevent others from experiencing the same pain she’s dealt with. But when a specter from her earliest days returns, asking for her help against a cabal of dark forces, the Lynx must choose between her heroic responsibilities and her debt to a dear friend.

THE LEGENDARY LYNX was created by writer Harvey Stern and artist Doug Detmer, two creators who died under mysterious circumstances before and shortly after the series was first published. Though originally credited solely to Stern as the writer, diligent research has uncovered that Stern co-created the script and story to the Lynx’s seminal debut by renowned novelist and writer Carmen Valdez. For the first time ever, she is given proper credit in this volume.

(But in reality, “The Legendary Lynx” is no reprint. Crafted by LA Times Book Prize-winning novelist Alex Segura in his 2022 work, “Secret Identity” – a story that continues in the follow-up, “Alter Ego,” – and brought to life by artist Sandy Jarrell’s masterful artwork, this series blurs the lines between fiction and reality in the best way possible – the remastered pages of this forgotten gem, restored to its former glory and presented anew for readers hungry for adventure.)

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